The Ultimate Collection of Manly Last Words

Some people love a good story: the last words of doomed heroes and lost adventurers. Others find solace in the final thoughts of those who couldn’t survive their experience.

The “cool last words before death” is a collection of manly last words. The author has collected quotes from people who died and were brave enough to say their final words.

Famous and manly last words.

We’ve chosen to reprint a vintage essay each Friday to assist our younger readers discover some of the greatest, evergreen jewels from the past, with our archives currently totaling over 3,500 items. The original version of this essay was published in April of 2017.

The final words of others have always piqued people’s interest. What did a guy say with his last breaths? Were they terrified as they saw the wide beyond, or did they brace themselves and accept — even embrace — what was about to happen?

We’ve created a handful of compilations of last words throughout the years. We’ve merged those articles, as well as added many more, to create this ultimate collection of masculine parting remarks. These words and phrases range from fascinating to poignant, badass to just plain virile, and provide a guy the opportunity to think about what he’d say before drawing his last earthly breath.

George washington last words I die hard.

Fridtjof nansen last words further to the north.

During his North Pole trip, Norwegian explorer Nansen set a new record for northern latitude.

Mozart last words taste of death.

Auguste renoir painter last words I am still progressing.

Charles darwin last words not the least afraid to die.

Thomas jefferson last words I resign my spirit.

Jefferson died on July 4, 1826, fifty years after signing the Declaration of Independence, which he mostly wrote himself.

Doc holliday last words this is funny.

The gunfighter wanted, and probably expected, to die in a combat or “with his boots on.” He died of TB in a motel bed. These were his last comments after viewing his feet without his boots on.

Thomas hobbes last words last voyage great leap in the dark.

Alfred hitchcock last words one never knows the ending.

Crowfoot native american last words what is life.

Dienekes spartan warrior last words fight in the shade.

Dienekes is often regarded as the fiercest of all Spartan soldiers. He was warned that the Persians possessed such a large quantity of arrows that their shafts would block out the sun at the Battle of Thermopylae. This famous line, which also appears on an AoM shirt and patch, was Dienekes’ response.

Helio gracie last words brazilian jiu jitsu.

Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, or modern-day Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, was co-founded by him.

Johann wolfgang von goethe last words more light.

Joe dimaggio last words finally get to see marilyn.

Sir walter scott last words be a good man.

Bernard coy alcatraz prisoner last words licked the rock.

Coy, a convicted felon, was shot while attempting to flee Alcatraz (dubbed “The Rock”) jail.

Alexander the great last words to the stongest.

In answer to his generals’ question to Alexander, who was without an heir, who of them would be in charge of the empire.

Jack daniel last words one last drink.

Chief sitting bull last words come on take action.

When authorities arrived to capture Sitting Bull, afraid he might lead his people off the reservation, the Sioux of his community erupted in wrath. Sitting Bull gave his friends the command to fight back, and he was slain in the ensuing combat.

James polk last words for all eternity i love you.

King edward vii last words i shall not give in.

Grover cleveland last words i have tried so hard to do the right.

Augustus caesar last words have i played the part well.

Private edward ahrens last words bastards tried to come over me.

Private Ahrens was gravely wounded during the Battle of Guadalcanal while fending off a group of Japanese troops trying to enter Allied lines on his own. After seeing Ahrens the following morning surrounded by dead Japanese forces, his commanding commander murmured these words and died.

Jan van speyk last words i'd rather be blown up.

Speyk, a Dutch naval officer serving in the Belgian War of Independence, loathed his adversary so much that when a Belgian force seized his ship and requested that he take down the Dutch flag, he instead tossed a lit cigar into a barrel of explosives rather than surrender. “Dan liever de lucht in!” he cried just before the barrel detonated, killing scores of Belgians and almost his whole crew. “I’d rather be blown up!” – “I’d rather be blown up!”

Michelangelo last words i give my soul to God.

Manfred von richthofen red baron last words kaputt.

After being hit in the chest during aerial battle and landing his aircraft in a field in France, the Red Baron, WWI’s top ace pilot, shouted these remarks. Kaputt is a German word that means “broken, smashed, or done.”


Giles corey salem witch trials last words more weight.

Corey, at 80 years old, was accused of witchcraft during the 1692 Salem trials, but he refused to plead guilty. He was stripped nude and crushed to death over two days in a pit in a field as a punishment. Heavy boulders were progressively pressed on his chest, but he refused to scream in anguish or plead for mercy, and when asked, he merely said, “More weight.”

Captain james lawrence last words don't give up the ship.

Lawrence’s ship, the USS Chesapeake, fought the Royal Navy’s HMS Shannon during the War of 1812. Despite being critically wounded by small weapons fire, the captain pushed his soldiers to keep fighting. His commands became a well-known naval battle cry.

Robert erskine childers last words take a step forward lads.

Childers’ final remarks to his firing squad before being executed during the Irish Civil War in 1922 were these.

Thomas becket last words i am ready to die for my lord.

Errol flynn last words i've had a hell of a lot of fun.

Groucho marx last words this is no way to live.

Sir walter raleigh last words what dost thou fear.

When Raleigh was sentenced to death for treason, he saw his executioner hesitating and pushed him to carry out the sentence with the words above.

Henry ward beecher last words now comes the mystery.

Thomas more last words this hath not offended the king.

Because he refused to endorse Monarch Henry VIII’s marital annulment and disputed that the king was the head of the Church, Thomas More was convicted and killed for treason in 1535. He delivered his last words about his beard before being decapitated. He placed his beard on the executioner’s block to protect it from injury during his beheading.

Nathan hale last words one life to lose for my country.

Captain lawrence oates explorer last words i am just going outside.

Robert Falcon Scott’s crew slogged through cold weather and blizzards on the 800-mile return leg of his failed effort to be the first to reach the South Pole, seeking to remain on time and reach supply depots along the route. Oates’ feet were severely frostbitten, and he was lagging behind the others. He offered to be left behind, but his other soldiers refused. “I’m just going outdoors,” he told the others as he strolled outside his tent and into a snowstorm. I could be there at some point.”

Dwight ike eisenhower last words i've always loved my wife.

John ford director last words now will someone give me a cigar.

Wallace hartley last words titanic bandmaster i bid you farewell.

Hartley, the Titanic’s bandmaster, and his other musicians continued to play as the ship sank to keep the passengers and crew calm. The musicians grasped the railing on top of the grand staircase’s deckhouse when the final lifeboats were loaded, and Hartley murmured his goodbyes to them moments before a wave carried him away.

Kit carson last words one more bowl of chili.

George patton last words hell of a way to die.

Patton died in 1945, just as he was about to leave Europe. He was paralyzed from the neck down after a vehicle accident on his way to a hunting trip. He spent 12 days in a hospital in spinal traction, far from the noble end the career soldier had envisioned for himself.

Otto lilienthal last words sacrifices must be made.

Otto Lilienthal, known as the “Glider King,” was a passionate supporter of human flight and flew over 2,000 times in gliders he created himself. His glider stopped in 1896, and he plummeted 56 feet, seriously breaking his back. Before succumbing to the injuries, he spoke these words to his brother.

Daniel boone last words do not grieve.

Fyodor dostoyevsky last words my hour has come i must die.

Gk chesterton last words everyone must choose his side.

Arthur conan doyle last words you are wonderful.

Doyle, the famous creator of Sherlock Holmes, uttered these comments to his wife while strolling in their garden before dying of a heart attack.


Henry david thoreau last words now comes good sailing.



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