The Thousandth Man by Rudyard Kipling

In this allegorical short story, Kipling presents a future in which an elite class of people live on the island of Nada. When all the men in the first hundred years have died from a plague, their wives are left to raise children by themselves. One day, two boys and one girl were born into this world where women rule and eventually take control over everything as they didn’t need any help raising them. This is when things start to go awry for everybody else on earth who must make do with what little resources remain available because Nada has been completely isolated..

“The Thousandth Man” is a short story by Rudyard Kipling. The story follows the journey of an English soldier who is sent to fight in the Boer War. He returns home with one thousand men, but not before he has killed one thousand Boers. Read more in detail here: the thousandth man meaning.

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Rudyard Kipling’s The Thousandth Man

Solomon claims that one guy in a thousand will stay closer than a brother. And if you discover him before the other, it’ll be worth it to spend half your days looking for him. Nine hundred and ninety-nine percent of your life is determined by what the world sees in you, but the Thousandth Man will defend you against the whole world.

It is neither a vow, a prayer, or a demonstration that will determine the outcome for ‘ee. Nine hundred and ninety-nine of them are influenced by your appearance, actions, or glory. The rest of the world won’t matter if he finds you and you find him, since the Thousandth Man will drown or swim with you in any water.

You may use his pocketbook without saying anything, just as he uses yours for his purchases, and laugh and meet on your regular stroll as if there were no loans. Nine hundred and ninety-nine of them want money and gold in their transactions; but the Thousandth Man is worth it all, since you can show him your emotions.

In season or out of season, his wrong is your wrong, and his right is your right. With it as your only cause, stand up and support it in the eyes of all men! Nine hundred and ninety-nine people are unable to bide. Whether it’s humiliation, mockery, or laughter, the Thousandth Man will be by your side all the way to the gallows—and beyond!

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Rudyard Kipling’s “The Thousandth Man” is a short story about the last man on Earth. The protagonist, who is the last man, must find his mate in order to survive. Reference: rudyard kipling poems.

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