The Power of a Long Persistence

After playing for more than five hours and surviving the game, this player’s character becomes a legend.

The “the power of persistent” is a phrase that means to stay in one place for a long time. The term has been used by many hunters and gatherers throughout the history of mankind.

Only the first few pages of a journal have been written in. Only the first few pages of a Bible have been creased.

Dumbbells are collecting dust. Running sneakers that seem to be brand new.

Books that have not yet been opened. There are still unanswered texts. Paints that have yet to be utilized. 

Our lives are strewn with the remains of things that were started (and frequently repeated) and then abandoned.

And we’re left wondering why we haven’t been changed. 

If all it needed to transform ourselves, to perform great and good deeds, was to start something (or purchase something), we’d all be living on a higher level, embodying our finest selves.

But, and this is one of the most difficult of life’s irreversible rules to accept, it is the persistence of anything that has any impact. The enduring, not the converting. The drilling in, not the dabbling about.

Half-completed projects will never be able to make us whole.

The amount of times one does something has an inverse connection with how thrilling and intrinsically fulfilling it is to do it. However, there is a clear correlation between the number of times something is done and its ability to strengthen and form.

A stone is smoothed by the steady drip, drip, drop of water. The few strokes that brought down giant trees. The everyday practice that transforms shallow into deep; purposeful into instinctive; outward into inward. Repetition is what leads to refinement. 

Submission to a discipline compounded by time is the formula for becoming, for generating something worthwhile.

“All of the kind of freedom, elegance, boldness… and masterly certainty,” as Nietzsche put it; “virtue, art, music, dance, reason, spirituality”; “everything that is transfiguring,” as Nietzsche put it; “everything that makes life worth living” is predicated on one thing:

“Long obedience in the same direction,” says the narrator.



Self persistence is the power of a long persistence. It’s the ability to keep going, even when you’re faced with adversity. Reference: self persistence meaning.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the power of persistence?

A: The power of persistence is the ability to keep going, even when things get difficult. Its about not giving up and keeping trying until you succeed.

Why is persistence so important?

A: Persistence is extremely important because it allows the player to keep using their skills and still have a chance of winning. If you stop trying, then your opponent will eventually win.

What is persistence motivation?

A: Persistence motivation is a strategy of goal setting that involves establishing short-term goals which can be achieved in order to set up long term, more demanding ones. This technique is widely used by athletes and people who have been building habits for years, as it allows them to progress slowly but steadily forward towards their final goal.

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