That s exactly how to explain Total Whiteout, the exciting young, dance/rock/poetry band that’s blossomed onto the national stage from last year-and now sits poised to deliver another massive hit this summer. Eric Henken, aka Ericovecia, has long been a staple of the Philadelphia music scene, where he fronts the ever-popular My Mind featuring his amazing vocals and hypnotic guitar work. On top of that, Henken’s front man brother Pete also fronts the band “Wasted” (also with Henken). While there isn’t a real focus on either member’s music, Wasted’s fast-tempo rock songs have always been a thrill for their fans.

Total Whiteout is definitely not your traditional pop/rock band. From the very beginning, you can tell that this isn’t your dad’s band; you’re going to find an entire world of difference in the music and style between this group and the rest. During their introductory “power ballad” they played a series of songs off the new album by The Killers. The crowd absolutely went wild, and you could feel it in the air from the dancing to the crazy looking guys performing the dulcet sounds.

Of course, you can expect to hear plenty of hits from the band members themselves. Henken takes on the role of lead vocalist; his powerful lyrics and screams really push the band’s sound forward. He’s a great vocalist and guitar player, so you can expect hits of Powerglove, I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles, and Hotel Suite One; especially when he sings those fantastic words to the end of the track, “Don’t Take Me Alive.” It’s just a shame that the rest of the album isn’t quite as good.

The Killers are going to be heading out on tour this summer, so if you’re able to catch them at the beginning of their tour dates, then you will truly experience a high energy coming-from the guys themselves. However, if you don’t live near a venue that they’re playing at, or if you don’t happen to have tickets to give away, you can always wait for their next release (which should be some time in the near future). Total Whiteout will be available on disc soon after their first show in Japan, so make sure you grab your copy while you can; it’s worth it! You’ll never know how great this band is going to sound.

The lyrics on this record are very light-hearted but heavy on emotions. If you’re a fan of poppy songs with great melodies, then you’re going to fall in love with The Day I Swapped My Dad For Two-Gold Studs. It’s not only a great rock album, but it’s a very personal song; one that contains many sentiments for someone you care about. If you’re lucky, you might even meet the man that’s giving it to you!

“I’m a wreck/I’m so sick, I can’t take it anymore” This is the second single from The Day I Swapped My Dad For Two-Gold Studs and showcases the power of The Killers. It speaks of a broken family, and how things just can’t get better. Even if things are bad now, they will get better when you’re around The Killers. They’re definitely making the top three albums this year.

“The Only Way is Essex” Just like the title says, The Only Way is Down is about The Killers moving from the suburbs to the country. Throughout the song, singer demos are played, just like a rock song should have. Throughout the whole song, lyrics are sung as well. It gives you an idea of what the band has in store for us in the future. It’s definitely an up-and-coming band that we’re all going to love.

The Only Way is Down by Total Whiteout will be out on June 10th via Play. Pre-order now, if you want a copy before then! There’s no word on whether or not the album is going to be available digitally. It would suck if it wasn’t because we’d all be scrambling to get the new albums!

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