The now chronic gun and ammunition shortage in the US

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Mike in Alaska sent this: The Reddit forum creates a physical shortage of money on major retailers’ websites. Comment by JWR : I think the cash and futures markets will explode on Monday. Try to set a price somewhere and do a physical delivery as soon as possible. You might want to consider our new advertising partner, Silver Golden Bull. Or the people who wrote our monthly column on SurvivalBlog: Gainesville coins.


Here are some other tests: Investors quoting the price of silver rose for the second day.

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2020 was the worst year of economic growth since World War II.


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The governors of the red states lead the rebuilding of the COWIDs after the tyrants of the blue states invade the economy.


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Reader H.L. wrote about this article in the New American: Will the Democrats turn America into Venezuela?

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Another episode of Covid: a world without money.


I just got an email from Mississippi Auto Arms, a firearms and ammunition company, with this unexpected news:

Due to the many requests from our customers, we now also accept cryptocurrencies. To pay in coded currency, select check or money order as the payment method at checkout. Once you receive your order number, send us an email telling us what you want to pay in code currency and we will send you an invoice. Once we have received your payment, your order will be shipped. We accept the cryptodevise as a payment method for orders over $50.

Investments in tangible fixed assets

Anyone who doesn’t live like a Luddite hermit in the middle of nowhere already knows that the United States is chronically short of weapons and ammunition. Prices are skyrocketing. (The recent photo next to this article illustrates this.) There are still very few gun shows, and the few that do open their doors are overcrowded with impatient buyers who come in overpriced. Gun shops sell their ammo quickly when a new shipment comes in. Not surprisingly, there is a shortage of magazines, refills, night vision goggles and bulletproof vests. A few examples: The AR-15 receivers were on sale for as little as $30.  They are now $119 and up.  Standard 9mm bullets sell for about 22 cents per cartridge. But now it’s a dollar a turn. The AR-15 rifles are obviously gone – although some nervous dealers are expecting the remaining AR pistols with SBA3 mountings.  I have noticed that the prices of antique weapons from before 1899 are also skyrocketing. I don’t expect this situation to improve during the Biden/Harris years. And with all the bills they have proposed, it will only get worse.

I recommend stocking up on guns, ammo and warehouses at reasonable prices. This will undoubtedly require a great deal of careful research.  In my own research, I found that a good source for finding ammunition is Look for your weapons and equipment at pawn shops, flea markets, garage sales and in the ads of local newspapers.

As always:  Buy low and sell high. Mind you, we haven’t seen the height yet! If the Democrats pass H.R. 127 or similar legislation, we will see the price of many guns skyrocket. Similarly, only the introduction of universal background checks for firearms after 1898 would briefly double and triple the price of all firearms before 1899. Finally, it should not be overlooked that Biden/Harris policies will be highly inflationary, so I can predict that all tangible assets will appreciate in value as the purchasing power of the US dollar declines.



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frequently asked questions

Why is there a shortage of ammunition in the United States?

Gun sales in the United States exploded in 2020. … Further analysis shows that ammunition sales have increased more than firearms sales. Ammunition manufacturers are reporting delays due to increased demand, and some suspect the shortage could last at least until January.

Why are there not enough weapons and ammunition?

Why isn’t there ammunition everywhere?

But several unique factors are currently driving demand growth. First, there’s the COVID-19 lockdown. People started buying more guns, and when people buy more guns, they also buy more ammo. … The demand is driven by the same psychological factors that caused the toilet paper shortage: Supplies.

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