Keeping entertainment and vices as part of your hiking and camping bag is probably t0 the wisest idea in the universe. It’s been months since you buried a cache of canned food, months since you found an empty water bottle or empty rifle shell, and months since you loaded up your first survival pack with your first emergency food items. You may be starting to realize that you are slowly becoming a survival expert. Not, that it’s anything like the Boy Scouts, but your preparedness for disaster is slowly becoming the kind of expertise that could land you a job as an emergency response team leader on the television.

For many of us, hiking and camping are our pastimes, not our livelihoods. We spend our days working and taking care of everything else. Few of us spend the time we should be doing things such as building immunity to bugs and diseases, building a first aid kit, reading up on wilderness safety and other important skills, reading up on local history, learning about wildlife and the local vegetation, learning about and getting familiar with your surroundings. We’d usually just head out on our next camping or hiking trip. Hiking and camping trips could turn into fun experiences if we’d put some forethought into it. We can easily get sidetracked if we don’t take the time to plan ahead.

But if you really want to get your hiking or camping experience out of the bag, the most important of vices and recreational activities will have to be entertainment. After all, that’s what camping is supposed to be about. Even if you camp for two nights and sleep on the ground and eat dirt and bug foods, your experience won’t be complete without the companionship of a good book, a good laugh, a cool drink, and a few nibbles from the forest. If you’re looking for ways to entertain yourself while in the great outdoors, read on for some great suggestions.

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Most people think of board games when someone mentions entertainment, but the truth is that games and sports can make great parties too. The possibilities are endless. You could have a treasure hunt where each person brings a piece of something they picked up on the hike, and the person who finds the most objects wins. Or you could play charades, pass around chocolates or pretzels, or any number of party game ideas that require you to make things up using the environment and the people around you. If your group is big enough, you can even have some sports thrown in to spice things up!

Of course, this brings us to another popular source of entertainment: television. If you’ve ever had a roommate who won the weekly poker tournament and left the television open to see who would come out on top, you know that people can watch television just as much as they can watch poker. If you’re planning a gathering where there are going to be a lot of people, consider turning your television into a game of truth or fiction. Make it a contest between the poker champion and the person who lost the first game. If you’ve got a camera, film it and broadcast it.

The same principle holds true if you want people to remember your company’s bad habits or your company’s good habits. You could start a contest where the person who gets the farthest distance wins a prize. If you have a camera, this will be an incredibly easy way to document those deeds, since everyone will be able to see it on film.

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If you have a talent like drawing or painting, then you can make things more interesting by displaying a work of art. If you’re artistic, you might even consider selling some of your work at a local craft fair. This is particularly helpful if you live in a small town where other things, like restaurants, do not offer artwork-based services. Just make sure that you get permission before hanging any paintings or drawings. A simple background will help deter theft.

There are many ways to deal with vices, but it all comes down to having self control. Whether you choose to indulge in one or more of these things, or none of them, it’s important to realize the consequences of your actions. Remember that the most important of vices and the things that should be avoided include alcohol and cigarettes, as well as activities like gambling and sports betting. If you choose to indulge in any of these things, make sure that you find something to occupy your time instead, like gardening or writing. The important thing is to remember that there are things that we just can’t control.

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