The Importance of Mentors and Mentorship

In the wake of AI making many jobs obsolete, mentors and mentorship have had a resurgence. Mentors are emerging as digital influencers who help others in their career development by providing advice and guidance to up-and-coming creators.

The “why is mentorship important for students” is an article about the importance of mentors and mentorship. The author explains how it can help students in many ways, including giving them a chance to learn from experienced people who have gone through similar experiences.

I met a guy who would have a significant effect on my life when I was 15 years old. Andrew Lester was his name. Mr. Lester was the first person I met at church. He was the jovial elderly man that everyone enjoyed spending time with. Despite his advanced age, he retained a young, impish appearance. He also made it appear stylish to wear a Breath-right nasal strip. He had them on all of the time. Mr. Lester was a professional artist. Because his mother was a Cheyenne Indian, he based his paintings on Native American themes. He was dubbed the White Buffalo by a tribe, and he created a stunning picture to commemorate the honor. It’s on display at my workplace as a print.

Mr. Lester dabbled in painting, but his true talent was sculpting clay. He created massive busts of historical figures such as Martin Luther King Jr., Jim Thorpe, and Western film actor Tom Mixx. He worked in different community groups that helped disadvantaged Native and African Americans while he wasn’t working in his studio. Mr. Lester was an active member of Oklahoma’s African-American community, founding the Oklahoma African-American Museum Hall of Fame.

I never imagined Mr. Lester would become a mentor and close friend to me when I first met him at church. But, by accident, I was requested to visit him and his wife on a daily basis to assist them at their home. I had no idea the influence this guy would have on my maturation into a man.

Throughout high school, I would visit Mr. Lester at his house in Guthrie a few weekends a month. During our visits, I would generally begin by helping him with a job around the home or at his painting studio. This usually included my picking weeds or moving the large clay busts in his workshop. He would have me work on his busts on occasion. I recall using a chisel and some sandpaper to fine-tune Tom Mixx’s cap and nose.

Man making sculptor of Andrew Lester.

Mr. Lester and I would go to his living room or studio after I completed my assignment simply to speak. He’d tell me tales about his life. Mr. Lester hitchhiked all the way from Cheyenne, OK to San Antonio, TX as a youngster in the 1920s, merely to see whether the Alamo would show a bust of Davy Crockett that he had sculpted. They were in agreement. The sculpture has remained in place to this day.

He told me about his time teaching art to disturbed adolescents in inner-city Los Angeles in the 1960s. It was a difficult moment to be a white man in that region of Los Angeles. During the Watts Riot in 1965, racial tensions were at an all-time high. Mr. Lester, despite being a white Oklahoman, was able to quickly develop friends with the youngsters in his class. And he rapidly got interested in assisting the city’s African-American population.

Mr. Lester would always include a life lesson in each narrative. He’d taught me about doing whatever it needed to achieve a life goal by telling me about his journey to San Antonio. His experience in Los Angeles taught me the value of tolerance, respect, and compassion for individuals who are different from you, as well as the fact that a true man would defend the oppressed and underprivileged.


Mr. Lester was very inquisitive about my personal life. If I needed it, he’d give me some advice and words of support, as well as a verbal kick in the buttocks. I felt elevated and edified after each encounter with him.

However, my mentor and buddy fell ill. He was told he had cancer. Our visits got more brief. It was difficult to see this guy, who was previously full of humor and life, deteriorate because to the chemo. Mr. Lester, on the other hand, continued to share experiences and lessons with me, as well as provide me advise and counsel.

Mr. Lester passed away while I was in my final year of high school. I recall travelling up to Cheyenne, Oklahoma, to see Mr. Lester’s return to his hometown. Mr. Lester’s ultimate resting place seemed fitting; Cheyenne’s vast open sky and desert scenery allowed for a spirit as large as Mr. Lester’s to wander freely.

Man making sculptor of Andrew Lester.

Working on a Bust by Andrew Lester

Andrew Lester died over 10 years ago, but the discussions we had and the lessons he taught me are still fresh in my mind. I learnt the value of being an honest guy from Mr. Lester. I realized that determination and passion are required for life success. I learnt that the powerful should keep an eye on the weak. And I learnt the importance of treating all men with respect, regardless of color, creed, or socioeconomic status.

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Why Do Men Require Man Mentors?

Only a guy may teach some lessons and nuggets of knowledge to another man. Men and women are not the same. We have diverse perspectives on the world and how we interact with it. As a result, it makes sense for males to seek advice from other guys on how to negotiate life.

Unfortunately, it seems that a generation of men grew up without mentors. On the news, we learn about absent dads and the impact they have on today’s young men. Even when a guy has a parent to look up to, raising a kid requires a village of male mentors. Yet, without the societal links and contacts that helped prior generations master the art of manliness, men are becoming more alienated. Young guys frequently become lost when they don’t have excellent male role models to follow. According to studies, a boy’s absence of a masculine role in his life increases his chances of failing in school or being engaged in criminal activity. Beyond the apparent repercussions of crime and education, this emptiness may have a variety of subtle effects on a guy.

Mentors may broaden one’s vision of what it means to be a guy in addition to offering some advice in navigating through life as a man. Each guy has had a unique life experience and has been exposed to a variety of beliefs and worldviews. They’ve been brought to their knees by various tribulations, taken away by various pleasures, and gained unique insights. They may assist you in seeing things in new ways, inspiring you to take risks, providing consolation while you are grieving, and assisting you in becoming a better man.


Every Man Should Seek Mentorship From These 4 Men

The Mentoring of an Elderly Friend

Andrew Lester is someone I will always treasure as a friend. He was able to pass on his eight decades of experience to a young guy who was still trying to figure out his place in the world. Every guy should have an older acquaintance, whether he is 15 or 40 years old. Consider how you saw your life and the world five years ago vs how you perceive things today. Consider adding many more decades of life experience to it. An elder acquaintance may impart a lifetime of wisdom to you. And most older men like passing on their knowledge to others. Start a discussion with an older guy at church, join a fraternal lodge, or volunteer at a senior center to locate an older male mentor. It’s also not necessary for an older guy mentor to be elderly. It may be extremely enlightening to have a 40-year-old male pal when you’re 20.

Mentoring for Professionals

Learning the ins and outs of a new career may be stressful. Even if you’ve been at a work for a long time, understanding office politics and how to advance in your position may be challenging. This is why it’s so important to locate a professional mentor. Look for a person at work who has been there a long time and is in a position you aspire to be in. A professional mentor may offer you honest criticism on how you’re doing, warn you about what you shouldn’t do, introduce you to useful contacts, give you guidance on how to advance your career, and put in a good word for you with upper management. Most significantly, a professional mentor you can trust becomes a buddy to whom you can turn when you’re having a bad day at work and need to vent. They’ll most likely simply listen to you, laugh at your inexperience, and lead you in the proper way.

Spiritual Guidance

Spirituality is a journey that lasts a lifetime and is full of wonderful ups and downs. It’s a lonely path to go by yourself. Every man needs a spiritual mentor to assist him on his journey. A spiritual mentor should be someone who lives out his religion in a manner that motivates you to improve and strengthens your faith. He is someone who will not dismiss your doubts, but rather will assist you in grappling with them. He’s someone with whom you may talk and share your ideas. When you break your obligations, a spiritual mentor keeps you responsible. When you’re going through a tough time or suffering with sorrow, he’ll give you a spiritual perspective on things.

Mentoring for the Mind

Seek for an intellectual mentor if you aren’t religious or spiritual (or even if you are). While you’re in school, an intellectual mentor might be a very useful resource. They might recommend books to increase your study or engage you in discussions that will broaden your horizons. While writing a research paper, an intellectual mentor might be employed to bounce ideas off of. Even beyond school, an intellectual mentor might be beneficial. Your education does not end when you die. Seek for males who can assist you in expanding your knowledge and thinking abilities throughout your life.


Mentoring as a Man

Other guys need man mentors in the same way that you do. Boys and young men who are attempting to find out how to become good men need the most coaching in the art of manliness. Mentoring should be a part of every man’s life. Here are a few examples on how to go about it:

  • Make a career as a Scout leader. Boy Scout groups are constantly in need of volunteers who want to make a difference in the lives of young boys.
  • Make the decision to become a Big Brother. Many young guys are growing up without a good male role model in their life. As these boys get older, be the guy they can look up to and imitate.
  • Volunteer with the youth group at your church. The young guy is fortunate in that he can discover a man who is both a spiritual mentor and an elder buddy.
  • Learn about your children’s pals. I suppose some youngsters attempt to avoid grownups, but I’ve always enjoyed chit-chatting with my friends’ parents. Some of my friends’ fathers became friends of their own. You obviously don’t want to be that annoying parent who is constantly hovering about, and you should know when to let your kid and his pals alone. It’s OK to hang out with them from time to time if they’re game. Go fishing or hunting with your kid and his pals.

How about you, everyone? How have you dealt with mentors in the past? Is there a guy mentor in your life who has had a significant impact on you? Are you currently mentoring a young man? Leave a comment and let us know what you think.



The “why is mentoring important in the workplace” is a question that many people ask. The answer to this question can be found in the article, “The Importance of Mentors and Mentorship.”

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