The Importance of Good Manners

In the wild, survival is at stake. If you want to ensure your survival and that of those around you, it’s time to start learning some basic manners. Manners are a vital part of civilized society which helps humans coexist peacefully by promoting understanding between people through respect for personal space, norms, customs and common courtesy.

The “importance of good manners essay” is a piece that explains the importance of good manners. The author argues that people should be polite to each other and respect others, because it’s important for society as a whole.

People talking at a dinner party.

Editor’s note: Bentley Bates’ article “The Fine Art of Living Together” is from The Boy’s Own Book of Leadership, which was released in 1933.  

Many people believe that good manners are unimportant. They believe that being nice is a little sissy. They aren’t thinking with their brains. Manners help your life and the lives of others with whom you come into touch operate more softly, pleasantly, and efficiently, just as oil makes an engine run more quietly, readily, and effectively. Good manners are a very precious item that everyone may acquire for a very little price.

“There’s something you owe to everyone and there’s no set deadline for paying it since it’s due every minute and second of your life.” The oddest individuals owe you civility. You owe it to your brother and sister, in fact. It doesn’t seem to be feasible, yet it is. And it’s something you owe to your parents. You owe the ash man and the washwoman something. You owe it to the President of the United States and the blind guy on the street corner trying to sell you a lead pencil. You owe the whole world a promissory note payable in civility when you were born, and you have to make good on it every second of your life until you die. Do you know why so many people adored Abraham Lincoln? “It was because he never neglected to pay his politeness note,” The American Boy explains.

“To write successfully, you must first think of your topic, second, think of the people you are writing to, and third, think of yourself,” a Harvard lecturer instructed a class on excellent writing. These same basic guidelines may be readily adapted to apply to a boy’s manners. First, consider the needs of genuine compassion and kindness; second, consider the person to whom you’re speaking; and third, consider what you owe to yourself, for the actual secret of excellent manners is a kind heart.

The narrative revolves on a specific office kid who, by his civility and good will, maintained a whole, large, busy workplace joyful, agreeable, and well inclined toward one another. “Bennie, who on earth taught you to be so polite?” the boss said one day as he swung around in his large chair. You always make me feel bad about myself.”

Bennie laughed from ear to ear, stood on one foot, a little embarrassed, and then, out of nowhere, said:

“Well, sir, Mother is courteous, Dad is polite, and — and uh, I suppose I simply picked it up from them,” she says.

Good manners are more “catching” than anything else in the world.

Manners are one of the most reliable indicators of character. To correctly appraise a guy, you don’t need to know him well. All you have to do is see him in action, such as when he is playing a game. If he is nice and compassionate, if he is masculine, honest, and thoughtful, he will demonstrate these traits throughout the game. Every youngster at play is a walking advertising of who he is on the inside, and nothing is more difficult to conceal than terrible manners, which appear at the most inconvenient times and locations. Manners, after all, are only the outward representation of what’s on the inside, and what’s on the inside will always find its way out, like the proverbial cat that always appears exactly when you want him hidden.


The importance of excellent manners cannot be overstated. “My kid, learn to be nice,” Roosevelt reportedly wrote to his son. There is a pleasant and an unpleasant method to carry out all of life’s little tasks. There are lucky and unpleasant ways of meeting people, giving innumerable little services, speaking, acting, and thinking; therefore, practice being nice in all of them.

A novice lawyer once inquired of an experienced and powerful judge about how he might enhance his personality and influence.

“Continually study your manners,” the aged judge fired back.

“Gentle manners provide its bearer with an influence that, despite its modest exertion, is a force for good in the world.” “Good manners, tact, patience – these characteristics often assist men to win who are truly inferior to some who, for lack of these very qualities, miss the place they would otherwise attain,” some one has well said, and Dr. Weir Mitchell adds: “Many men fail in life because their manner does not make a good impression, because their curtness and lack of good breeding repel others.”



The “10 good manners” is a list of things that will make you look more respectable. These are the things that everyone should know about, as it is important to maintain your etiquette.

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