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The great reboot is a term I only recently learned, but its purpose is not new. It is based on the dream of a new world order, of a tightly controlled society, supposedly for the good of all. But if you look closely, this planned technocratic utopia is actually the dystopian hell of the Orwellian surveillance and control structure that many of us have feared for some time.

The idea of the Great Recovery, created by the economist Klaus Schwab, president of the World Economic Forum, who also wrote the book The Fourth Industrial Revolution, is not necessarily new or innovative, but in an opportunistic view of the COVID crisis it gains relevance and threat. Because, he says, the pandemic offers a rare but limited opportunity to reflect, rethink and reboot our world to create a healthier, fairer and more prosperous future – Klaus Schwab, WEF

Simply put: COVID allows the elites, many of whom attend conferences like Davos, to lead many social changes that they could not do before because now everyone is afraid and willing to obey. We seem to be happily accepting what 12 months ago would have been considered impossible, even anti-American. Ask an American who returned last January if he or she disagrees with any of the following statements:

  • Locks that are needed worldwide
  • Closure of businesses deemed non-essential, but leaving some open, at the discretion of regional leaders, without a clear method or justification.
  • Violation of the constitutional right to freedom of expression and free exercise of religion.
  • Introduction of surveillance programs to monitor people’s movements.
  • Discuss travel, purchase or work documents.
  • Cancellation of family holidays
  • Decide what to wear
  • Write if you need to go home.
  • Standing instructions

Never let a crisis go to waste.

Saul Alinsky

I haven’t read Schwab’s book, but the main points are clearly stated on the WEF website, which talks about the goals of the Great Restitution:

  • Driving the market to fairer outcomes
  • Ensure that investments contribute to the overall objectives (equity and sustainability).
  • Benefit from the innovations of the fourth industrial revolution

It seems perfectly harmless, I know, but if we follow the methods suggested to make the changes prescribed to us by our prayers, we begin to see how it will radically change our lives, and not for the better. More information on this plan can be found directly on the WEF website. You can follow the conversations on this topic and see for yourself the desired results they profess. You can hear speeches that openly discuss these issues.

Prince Charles himself said: We have a unique opportunity to get something good out of this crisis – the unprecedented shockwaves may well make people more receptive to the great vision of change – Prince Charles.

Of course, Agenda 21 was also published many years ago. All these technocratic plans are cloaked in eloquent adjectives such as fairer, more equitable, more shared.  But the key element in all this is global and centralized control by unelected bodies, and thus a reduction in our freedoms. Our national sovereignty will disappear, but the consequences for our lives will be the worst.

I encourage you to do your own research on this topic.

What is the relationship between a major reset and preparation?

This article will not explain the great WEF reboot, nor will it tell you what is wrong. You have to decide for yourself if you should be worried. There are so many things that already exist that someone should have enough resources to make an informed decision.

A few weeks ago it occurred to me – without knowing about the Great Restart – that the Harbingers will reach a major milestone here in December 2020, and we could use that time to do what our friend Carl suggests: Reflection, rethinking and rebooting – our own journey of preparation.

Like many of you, I’ve been preparing for years. Many may know that I created this page in January 2013. It was probably 5-7 years after I started preparing, so I wanted to use what I learned and what I could find to share some of those thoughts with others. Six times a week, and I wrote over 500 articles in that time. We have had a number of other key contributors who have made this site an excellent source of information for those interested in training.

Fast forward to summer 2017. I ran TPJ for over 4 years, 6 days a week, and I felt like I had said all I had to say. I was exhausted and needed a break, so I sold the blog and signed up. I’ve been doing this for years. I took time off from daily management duties and the pressure to write and disconnect from the world of preparation. I practically withdrew from politics. I was much less interested in the news and current affairs. I felt like I needed a break.

I tried a few things, but nothing worked. I’ve always blogged full time in the past, so thankfully money wasn’t an issue when I took a few years off. I ran like everyone else. Then COWID shot him.

When you can finally use your resources and knowledge for

Almost overnight, we all adapted to the different circumstances. Parents came up to me and asked me what I should do. Whether we considered X or Y, and thankfully we usually do. You can’t consider yourself a harbinger if you’re not prepared for a small global pandemic, can you?

The overwhelming fear that so many people had seemed very strange to me at first. She still is, to be honest. But through it all, I had a little thought in my head that went like this: If anyone can come up with a plan to bring the whole world to its knees through fear and propaganda, that fear is from COVID.

Before you accuse me of being hard of hearing, I don’t mean people are sick. I don’t disagree that people are dying, but you have to agree that in terms of what we as a nation are willing to accept, that has now, since COWID, definitely changed. The reflection and experience of the past year have led me to reconsider my projects.

I contacted the owners at the time and made a buyout in October of this year. Again, I am here with you as a preparer, thinking about the future and trying to learn how to protect my family and loved ones. But since we’ve all been through this exercise with lockdowns, pandemics, national travel restrictions, protests, growing unrest and discussions of civil war, I wanted to talk about how I will learn from the Great Restart and hopefully be better prepared for what comes next.

Respond to what I have learned over the past year as a precursor.

For a normal situation, I think most of you feel the same way I do. They had food, water and supplies. Who knew those mega packets of toilet paper would come in handy so quickly? Or that canned food and chicken would be confiscated by everyone? Security was provided with our standard weapons – which was good, because I wouldn’t want to try to buy anything at this point. If we didn’t leave the house for a month, everything would be fine.

But they’re just supplies. Something like that.

Yes, there was a shortage, mainly due to our well-known and documented JIT inventory method, but I don’t think anyone was hungry because the stores were empty. Besides TP and hand sanitizer, the trucks kept rolling, although some supplies were used from time to time. Of course there was food to be found in the shops and in abundance, but some things became more expensive and others strangely disappeared for a few months.

Looking back over the past year, I realize that supplies are important, but as hosts we almost throw them away because everything is cooked at the end of the day. These are the small steps of preparation.  If you have water, food, medicine and a gun, that’s all you need, right? But at this stage of the disaster, we didn’t need anything like that. What do we need?

We needed the technology, which is curious because the purpose of the Great Restart is to make us even more dependent on technology. We needed other ways to come together and share information. We needed other ways to communicate, meet and pray together. We needed a plan to lose our jobs – not because of innovation, but because someone just said we had to close.

We needed a plan so we would not be separated from everyone else on a basic human level. You can’t even kiss an old friend anymore. We touch elbows. Grandparents leave their grandparents at a safe distance, but cannot enter the house.

The human part is the biggest loss in this first phase.

The second loss is our confidence or resolve. On all sides we face an endless stream of fear. We don’t trust anyone else. The news is a constant stream of deaths. Any stranger will infect you or your children. There is a definite hatred on the part of some people if you don’t wear a mask. My local newspaper published an article on how to report those who have found non-compliance with the mandate. They look too much like informers under the Nazi regime to me. What has happened to our country?

And I’ll say it again. It’s a reaction to something that has a 98% survival rate. The extent of our efforts to flatten the curve and the reactions of all those who fear the disease do not seem to match reality.

Beanstalks and bandages are essential, but we must also consider the human element, whether good or bad. We should expect our loved ones to need different things in times of crisis than they do now, and complete strangers may not be as friendly as we had hoped, even when the lights are still on and the taps are open. It’s not exactly a TEOTWAWKI scenario, and yet some people are still openly discussing how to report people who don’t follow the rules. This is not a tactic for a free and healthy society.

Possible REIMAGINE scenarios and preparations

You can tell me every doomsday scenario you can think of, and assuming people can survive it, we’ve discussed it. Catastrophe on the gridiron is the premier prep series in the major leagues. Imagine if you had to go through that kind of hell, you would be able to make decisions much more easily, your prior preparation would be much wiser and more comfortable. In this context, the world would be more black and white in the decisions you have to make. Without many grey choices, life and death seem simpler.

This world we live in as COVID is extremely surreal to me, and while our usual preparations are certainly ongoing, there are still many things I didn’t expect. The fact is, I’m not sure everyone can, so I came up with the idea of this article as a next step.

We have done a very good job of raising awareness that we need to prepare for unforeseen disasters, and I think that has attracted a lot of people, but it is not enough. We’re out of stock. People are getting sick. We all grow old and die at some point. Our way of life can be changed arbitrarily by decrees.

But we don’t play the long game with our preparations. We have made plans to survive disaster in the short term, and even that is in fact true, but people like Carl above predict changes that will affect future generations. We planned to stay alive when some planned to change the world.

This blog will focus more on these concepts in the future. Think about how to sequence your first recipes in Phase 1. We need to start talking about what to do in the second phase.

Reflecting on what is possible.

The prepper movement has affected millions of people, but I don’t think our work is done. I’ve already said that we need to get as many people as possible thinking about preventive care, because that can only help us. I think we have a lot of work to do. But to move forward, we need to start talking about big concepts. Individual survival is an important first step, but surviving as an individual is much easier.

Preparation 2.0 should be about seeing how we can start a movement that revolves around concepts that draw people into preparation in the first place. We cannot all prepare ourselves in isolation while the world tries to control our lives. I don’t even know what it looks like now, but I think that’s the way to go. Stay with us.

I’d like to know what you think about preparation and what our own Great Restart might look like.


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