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The Finders Keepers story begins many years ago. Anna Varga was a widow with five children aged three, two of them were under the age of one. Her husband had passed away and Anna was alone raising the kids as a single mother. One day while she and the kids were washing dishes, she felt a presence and couldn’t see who it was. When she turned around she saw a muscular figure near her young son who was holding a baby.

When she asked him where he came from he told her to get out of the house. He wouldn’t go inside. At this point Anna noticed the muscular man had a metal detector. When the Finders Keepers men asked where he was going with the baby he said he was taking the baby for a Visit. The Finders Keepers security system broke.

The Finders Keepers was an underground organization which made trips underground through the reservation in order to avoid the police. Each trip they would have to put on a mask. On this particular trip the Finders Keepers discovered a thirty-year-old man with a long black beard and was carrying a metal detector. The Finders Keepers was looking for a missing baby boy called Tommy. The security barrier was lowered and the Finders Keepers was able to get close enough to talk with the man they were searching for. As they talked the baby’s mother, Carol, allowed them to talk to the baby.

Carol said the baby was still asleep in her room. The Finders Keepers could hear the mother and son chatting as they waited for the barrier to drop. The baby finally opened one of the plastic doors and came into view. The Finders Keepers quickly realised that they were in fact speaking with the baby’s father, Patrick.

Mrs Doon then noticed there was a strange odour on the child and started to panic. The Finders Keepers quickly explained to the MCCready and asked them to call an ambulance. The ambulance arrived just as the Finders Keepers were about to call the Police. The MCCready officers asked Patrick why he had not told them he was coming with his son.

The MCCready men told Patrick that the Finders Keepers was only doing their job. Mrs Doon then told them the story of how the baby came into the shop. The baby was found asleep in a pram and was sleeping in a blanket next to a trolley full of toys. When the Finders Keeping’s security system went off the security system identified the baby as Patrick, and the police were called. The MCCready men showed Mrs Doon the security camera footage of the baby being removed from the pram and found sleeping in a blanket on the pavement.

Mrs Doon phoned the police and an interview followed. The Finders Keepers was cleared of any wrongdoing by the police and cleared of negligence. The mother was very relieved that the Finders Keepers had not been found to be negligent in this instance. The mother was happy to return to shopping with her son and was pleased with the security company were so alert to such incidents.

One month later a story appeared in the press about how a Finders Keepers alarm had accidentally sent a piece of paper across the security line. The paper had written a message for the security guard to please check the address of the home. The message read; “I AM SORRY AND VERY saddened – please make sure the baby is ok”. This caused a big scandal, especially since the mother was working at another job at the time. The company was forced to admit that they had a mistake and fire the security guard.

In this article we are going to take a look at exactly what the Finders Keepers is and some of its history. The Finders Keepers is a security company that specialises in using video cameras and infrared technology to ensure the safety of people. The company believes that it is possible to catch a burglar by monitoring activity at a home or business. The Finders Keepers will use its security system to identify the criminal and call the Police with the information.

The Finders Keepers has been around since 1979 and started out in the United States. Many people feel that it is important to have an alarm system inside a home. When something such as this happens you need to know that the police are notified immediately. If you are thinking about installing a security system for your home, you should keep all of these things in mind. There are many advantages to having a Finders Keepers alarm such as knowing that the police are notified if your home is ever broken into.

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