The Fallacy of the Sensible Prepper Mindset 

From apocalyptic fanatical preachers to people who just want to be a little more self-contained, and everyone in between, each type of preacher has its strengths and weaknesses. More and more, however, I’m hearing about self-proclaimed “intelligent preachers.” At first glance, the phrase sounds logical, but I’m beginning to think that those who call themselves smart preachers are, at best, looking for trouble. At worst, it may downplay the importance of preparation in general.

When I talk about “healthy preparers,” I specifically mean those who identify themselves as such and who consider anything more than simply taking drugs to be symptoms of mental illness and panic. Here’s an example. I was reading on social media a few days ago, and it was brought up by Sensible Breader, who was quick to point out that they only had food and water for local power outages – I believe they even said that protesters in their town had told people to honk.

The impression this reasonable pastor was trying to convey is that where they live there is no danger and they are not subject to natural disasters, so from their point of view it is nonsensical to prepare thoroughly anyway. What is the point of preparing if what you order is not necessary?

What is the problem with reasonable predecessors?

Training has come a long way since I started preparing, and there are many factors that can influence what motivates anyone to prepare better. Whatever your motivation to prepare, gathering material and learning how to be prepared to survive a wide range of threats is a good thing. In fact, I believe we are at the beginning of a new phase of life where preparation will become much more important and meaningful.

You and I may have two very different scenarios that we think are likely, and we have created our own conditions for dealing with what we think is likely for each of us individually. Our methods may be different, and our training priorities will also be different. I may foresee a social collapse, while you may foresee hurricanes. What we do and how we prepare will inevitably differ at some point, even though we have much in common. Our common goal is to survive a catastrophe.

YouTube – Sensible Prepper is not the one I am talking about in this article.

The reasonable preparer in this scenario does not think anything bad will happen, or that the risk is so small that there is no point in worrying and planning for something beyond his means. If it were just this “reasonable” person, I wouldn’t worry, but when the dialogue in the community of preparers began to change, it caught my attention.

Reasonable preparers may even utter the words “it’s okay if you want to prepare for the end of the world,” but this is always a subtle insinuation. It is a signal of virtue to the world of preparation, where some “preparers” seem to be saying that it is crazy to prepare for more than what they personally deem rational, and that they are somehow wiser compared to people who are more extreme in their dissections.

The term “appropriate” can be used in several ways

Many of you who have read the Prepper Journal since we started in 2013 have heard me say that preparation is common sense. Preparation is common sense when you think about it. Preparing for unexpected events is logical, rational and sensible to me.

I was recently interviewed on the subject of bunker bases and I was asked for my opinion on the state of readiness. Part of my answer was about how much I think the topic and practice of training makes sense, especially in light of the events of the past year.

In this interview, which you can read here, I said that COWID practically labeled the drafters “good interview.” Much of what we preached suddenly became reality in just a few weeks. A global pandemic, shortages of food and supplies, mandatory regulations, travel restrictions, shortages of ammunition and weapons, job losses, economic problems, and so on. I think the world finally understands what we have been talking about all along. Given the riots and protests of the past year, it is no exaggeration to think that there could be global chaos, so people are preparing.”

Therefore, preparation should be considered something perfectly reasonable if people are fully aware of its inherent value as a means of rescuing them from bad circumstances. The term “reasonable forerunner” that I’m talking about is used to downplay the importance of preparation, although in some circles-I may have looked here and at the people who walk around in those circles, but for me at least-it’s important to make that distinction.

It’s not about what you prepare for, it’s about how prepared you are.

Cooking has a meaning in itself. How much food you cook or why you cook is a very individual decision. Labeling which preparations are reasonable and which are too much, in my opinion, is subjective and adds nothing to the conversation other than a superiority complex.

When someone tries to say that what they are doing is reasonable and you are doing the same thing for some other reason is extreme, that is where the problems begin. Look at the recent censorship of people on social media. You can find many examples of language or threats from the other side of a censored person that seem ordinary to the other side.

When it becomes “what I do is good and what you do is bad”. This is not a game to be played in the training world. Everyone does it with different realities, resources and circumstances. We should applaud all those who want to prepare. If someone wants to build a bunker, more power to you too! Just because I don’t or won’t find it a wise decision, doesn’t mean I’m going to say what I’m doing is more reasonable than what you’re doing.

Let’s educate more people instead of tearing down those on our team.

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