The DIY Portable Burglar Alarm That Bodyguards Use

DIY burglar alarms are often made using old phone cords, so why not turn your mobile device into one? Your smartphone or tablet will be worth a lot more than its original price tag.

The “diy perimeter trip wire alarm” is a DIY project that can be used to create a portable burglar alarm. The device consists of a trip wire, an alarm bell and some batteries. It’s easy to make and can be placed around the perimeter of your property or in your yard as a deterrent.

Portable DIY burgler alarm.

You have a variety of solutions at home to keep you and your family secure against break-ins. You have access to a variety of high-security locks and security systems, allowing you to sleep easily at night.

Things, on the other hand, might be a bit different while you’re traveling. It’s possible that your Airbnb apartment only has a deadbolt. Your low-cost hotel room may just have a chain lock, which is often fragile and easily broken. 

Traveling overseas may be very dangerous; as personal defense expert Nick Hughes stated in our episode on being your own bodyguard, it’s when people are in the greatest risk. When you combine that fact with a general lack of protection in off-the-beaten-path locations, as well as staff who aren’t even background checked, it’s easy to see why you hear horror tales of people being burglarized while on vacation or even on business travels. 

Hughes used to travel with a basic DIY burglar alarm that comprised of nothing more than a rubber door stopper and some bubble wrap when he worked as a professional bodyguard to give an additional layer of safety for both himself and his clients. Here’s how to make your own deterrent device.

DIY Burglar Alarm: The World’s Easiest and Most Foolproof

Portable DIY burgler alarm near door.

Yes, it’s that simple.

Pack a rubber door stop and some bubble wrap whenever you go – Nick said he carried a piece the size of his bag. Both things are inexpensive and lightweight, so they won’t add much weight or room to your suitcase.

When you’re ready to retire for the night, place the stopper beneath the door and your bubble wrap on the floor in front of it, and you’ll be able to sleep a bit easier. 

It’s worth noting that I mentioned this was “foolproof” (since anybody can do it!). Not to mention that it isn’t burglar-proof. Of course, if someone really wants in, this won’t stop them; rubber wedges can be fairly effective in blocking the door, but their effectiveness is dependent on the type of stopper used (some are made specifically for security), the type of flooring it’s placed on (tile has much better traction than carpet), and the strength of the intruder. However, it does lend a layer of surprise to someone’s arrival, which may cause him to pause and perhaps turn away. It’s jarring to come upon a door that isn’t opening properly; it throws an intruder’s OODA Loop off. If he pushes his way in anyhow, the bursting of bubble wrap will startle and frighten him even more. (Large bubbles will be more audible.) 

While this “device” will catch an intruder off guard, it will guarantee that the intruder does not catch you off guard. It will offer you a few crucial seconds of warning so that you notice a trespasser as soon as he enters, rather than when he’s standing over your bed or when you wake up in the morning to find your belongings have been taken. 


Use this somewhere you stay that simply has a deadbolt or a tiny chain lock. Even though a swing bar guard is nearly always safer, there are still instruments that can break through it. 

It’s never a bad idea to have an additional layer of protection, particularly when it’s as simple to install as this portable, DIY, bodyguard-approved burglar alarm. 

Listen to our interview with Nick Hughes for additional advice on how to be your own bodyguard:




The “pull string perimeter alarm” is a DIY portable burglar alarm that bodyguards use. It uses a pull-string to trigger an audible alarm when activated.

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