The Dirty Dozen is a 2021 action/adventure film starring Matt Damon as a war vet with a vendetta against a Chinese organized crime syndicate. Leonardo DiCaprio plays an ex-college football star who returns home to start his family. The other stars include Denholm Elliott, James Belushi, Edward Norton and Carrie Fisher. The film posters promote a December release, but the official date has been postponed. More on that soon.

Matt Damon stars as John D’Amato, a former athlete on a revenge tour, looking for someone to take out his anger at. The other star is Leonardo DiCaprio, who plays Mike Castle. The movie starts with a series of attacks on different car owners in an old strip mall parking lot. An attempted car bombing during a basketball game also gets the group into trouble.

When D’Amato returns home to his mother’s apartment he sees an accomplice robbing her jewelry. He takes his mother’s purse and flees while she is inside. Later in the day, he is again seen leaving with an accomplice. The police are called and Matt Damon’s character enters the scene and fights with them. Everyone gets hurt including the attempted robbery victim.

The Dozen is based on a true story about an all American war hero by the name of Matthew M. Frick. In 2021 he wrote and directed the movie version of the story. The storyline follows the life of Matthew M. Frick as he falls from his horse into the Chinese controlled W.P. Park. His luck changes when a CIA agent spies him and his friend flipping coins.

Matt Damon plays the role of Matthew M. Frick very well. The actor does not have the best body language, but he does a great job. The Chinese actors also did a good job of portraying their characters. There were times where the plot was predictable, but other times it was unexpected. It was sometimes boring, but other times it was thrilling.

The action and chase scenes were good. The story line did drag at times, but it kept the momentum going. I liked how the movie was advertised as an action/adventure thriller with a female protagonist. Some women will be turned off by movies without strong women characters, but this one held my interest.

Overall The Dirty Dozen looks like it could be a good martial arts action movie. The fighting was realistic and the choreography looked choreographed. Matt Damon is great in the role of Matthew Frick. He had the ability to stay on track and not lose focus. Although the movie was not very funny, it was still entertaining. The three-hour movie only cost about two thousand dollars and was well worth the price.

I recommend The Dirty Dozen to anyone who likes to see action and wish there was more emphasis on martial arts. The producers really put the effort into this movie. The story was good and the martial arts were entertaining. I would give it an average rating for entertainment and try not to use it as a reference for martial arts.

If you are a fan of action films then The Dirty Dozen should appeal to you. The martial arts are engaging and the viewer gets a great deal of satisfaction from watching them being defeated by an equally competent opponent. The fighting was tight throughout. My favorite scene was when Frick and Damon are discussing their pasts. It makes you realize that even in their professional careers they are still competitors.

The movie had some predictable plot twists. For example, Damon’s character fights an armed robber and gets shot. The next shot shows him lying on the ground with blood gushing from his head. Then the camera pans up to Damon’s partner, who is also wounded. This twist of having someone shot in the back was predictable and boring. The rest of the movie kept me interested because of the exciting fight sequences.

However, I would have loved to have seen more action. The entire film lasted around 90 minutes. The action scenes were few and far between. I wish that the writers up there knows how to develop action sequences.

Overall, this is another good martial arts movie. I enjoyed it and will certainly pass it on my friends to watch. The characters were likeable and the story was entertaining. If you have never watched The Dirty Dozen, check it out; it is a great movie.

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