The Cryptonite Trader Survival Kit is one of the most helpful survival kits on the market today. It was designed by Chris Gibson, who survived a flood, two earthquakes and a cyclone to recover his fishing gear and continue on his adventure. Gibson created the Survival Kit to give anyone who wants to survive extreme conditions an idea of what they would need to do if disaster struck and left them stranded in a foreign land without any means of support. In this article you will learn what you can expect from the Cryptonite Trader Survival Kit.

The Survival Kit comes with a full set of emergency food rations including 100 grams of protein bars, 1 pound of saltine crackers and a gallon of drinking water. You should also include two liters of sugar water and a spoon. Other items in the box that you should consider purchasing include bandages, anti-septic medication, anti-fever medicine, anti-biotic tablets, needle disposal kits and iodine tablets. These items will be very useful in case you get sick or are injured while out on your trip fishing or hiking.

Gibson recommends using the Survival Kit for two weeks before you plan to leave on your trip. If you only plan to be gone for a night, you can take advantage of the emergency food and drink rations included in the kit. If you are planning to stay out for longer, the kits that come with emergency shelter kits are more than adequate. You can purchase additional items based on how long you intend to be gone. There is also a mini first aid kit available in the kit which is great for the times that you may have to assist someone else in an emergency.

The Cryptonite Trader Survival Kit is lightweight and compact. The black powder bags that the kit is stored in are great for packing. The kit is easy to carry in an over the shoulder bag. The instructions that come with the pack indicate exactly where you should place emergency supplies within the kit in order for them to be prepared at all times. The included emergency blanket is large enough to cover anyone who might need it. The kit is very lightweight and waterproof so that it will keep your gear dry.

The top quality materials that are used for this product are well suited for outdoor use. This includes high quality leather. There is also nylon stitching throughout the bag, which helps to maintain its durability. The zippers all stay completely intact thanks to the superior quality of these. The interior of the bag has reflective material to help light up at night. The exterior has black reflective piping throughout.

The exterior of the bag has four adjustable airways that will allow you to keep cool during warm summer days and keep warm during the winter. The inside of the bag has mesh for ventilation that keeps your gear fresh and saves your lungs from smelling after long periods outdoors. There is a removable inner sleeve that is used to store items like fishing weights and other equipment. There is also a top zip pocket with a mesh cover. This pocket is great for keys and other personal items. It’s also great for putting smaller items like flashlights, toiletries and your cell phone in.

The interior of the bag is very durable and waterproof. It has an adjustable breathable mesh side zip pocket and is lined with comfortable fleece to keep your gear as comfortable as possible. Some of the additions that the Survival Kits has included bottle holders, external hydration pack pocket, Velcro accessory pockets, mesh side chest panel and a front zip pocket. The way the Survival Kits work is by having the main air supply come from your mouth and stomach which streamline your breathing and keep you cool. There are also accessories including an emergency radio that provides two-way communication with rescuers.

It is important to remember that The Cryptonite Trader Survival Kit is not like other “traditional” first aid kits that you find. This is a first aid kit that has been specifically designed for those conditions where survival is dependent on quick thinking and quick action. It is not a kit that you can just put on a shelf and throw into the back of your car and head straight to the bush camp or the base of a mountain. But if you do get into a situation where you might need some kind of immediate help, then this product will provide you with the basic first aid skills you will need to survive. So if you ever run into a situation where you may need this kind of skill, this is a great place to go to learn them.

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