The Case for Being More Sincere

Sincere people are more likely to be successful and happy than those who hide their emotions. An honest person will feel less stressed because they don’t have as much work to do trying not to get caught being rude. To prove the power of honesty, this blog post discusses ways that you can become more sincere in your own life by looking at some examples from history or current events.

The “example of sincere words thoughts and acts” is a good example of what happens when you are more sincere. It can be seen in the following quote: “the truth is that kindness is not only the best policy, it’s the only one.” This quote was said by Benjamin Franklin.

Winston Churchill writing a letter at a desk.

Winston Churchill wrote a great deal of correspondence throughout his career, and he often signed his letters with “Yours Sincerely.” But, since he was devoted to speaking what he meant and meaning what he said, he would never use this ending in a letter unless he could concur to every word he had written (which he seldom could).  

Sincerity is defined as a close match between a person’s professions and their true sentiments and ideas. Genuine communication is devoid of hypocrisy, pretension, deception, and inconsistencies.

When we commend someone out of a desire for benefit rather than real appreciation; grin affirmatively while internally rolling our eyes; and emphasize our communications with a multitude of exclamation marks that belie our actual excitement, we are demonstrating insincerity.

Yet another type of insincerity that is arguably even more common and even more difficult to overcome is when we leaven the sharing of deeply held dreams with rueful deprecation; disguise the heartfelt intent behind a gift by presenting it with jokey patter; cloak a genuine opinion in sarcasm; and follow a confession of delight with an ironic wink and nod.

To express one’s sentiments openly, to risk exposing one’s excruciatingly honest sides to ridicule and shame, requires a little bravery. It takes a certain amount of bravery to express, “I truly like you,” or “I genuinely believe this,” without anticipating a “Just joking!” escape hatch depending on the reaction.

It takes a little bravery to be more honest to yourself and less false to others; to not merely sign letters with “Yours Sincerely,” but to make it the valediction (and greeting) of all you do and say.



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A sincere person is called a “sincere” person. They are often seen as the most honest and trustworthy people. However, there are many benefits to being more sincere. Reference: a sincere person is called.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a person sincere?

A: A sincere person is someone who truly has their emotions and thoughts in check, which means they are able to keep calm when the situation requires it.

Why should you be sincere?

A: Because you should always be straightforward and sincere with others, even if it is not your natural state.

What does it mean to be sincere person?

A: Being sincere means that you act in ways that are true to who you believe yourself to be. You do not put on false fronts or pretend to have a personality different from what is actually present. People with sincerity are often upfront and honest, even if they may make mistakes along the way.

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