The Best Way to Hold a Burger

To prepare for a potential pop-up, we asked our Facebook followers what the best way to hold a burger is. The responses ranged from “a hot dog bun” and “one hand while eating with the other.” Find out how these favorite methods stack up and which one you should use if you want your burgers to stay true to their name.

The “how to hold a burger” is a question that has been asked for years. The best way to hold a burger is with your fingers, but there are many different ways to do so.

The best way to hold a burger illustration.

This week, I’m thinking about burgers. It was National Burger Day on Wednesday (what, did you miss it again?). And on Labor Day, I’ll be cooking burgers for my family to enjoy. When it comes to putting this delectable combination of meat and bread into one’s mouth, there’s no incorrect way to do it. However, we all know how toppings may pour out the sides and drip out the rear, particularly when a burger is heaped high with yummy fixins’. You end up picking up the grilled onions and bacon strips and stuffing them back into the bread. Is there a better option?

Honma Dekka!?, a Japanese television program, wanted to know. They charged three academics with finding out the ideal technique to hold a burger, with backgrounds in fluid dynamics, engineering, and dentistry. This crack crew studied 3D photos of burgers for four months in the interest of research to figure out where the weak points and possible leaks were. They shared their findings with the rest of the world after the completion of their research. The pinkie, it turns out, holds the key. While most of us grip our burgers with our thumbs on the bottom and the rest of our fingers on top, using both hands and positioning the thumbs and pinkies on the bottom and the three middle fingers equally spaced on top is a much better hold. This provides even support all the way around the bun. As the burger travels from the plate to your tongue, none of the wonderful toppings are wasted.

Put it on the grill in your Weber.

What’s the greatest way to eat a burger?

– On top, the middle fingers.

– (This is a cross-section.) Make use of both hands!)

– On the bottom, thumbs and pinkies.

– For a balanced grasp, the burger is separated into equal portions.

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The “how to eat a burger without it falling apart” is a question that has been asked for years. The best way to hold a burger is by using both hands and holding it in the center of your palm.

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