The Best Premade Bug Out Bag for Emergencies

Using a prefabricated survival bag may seem like a shortcut, but we recommend it for most people who prefer not to spend a lot of time on their survival kit. For them, it comes down to purchasing a ready-to-use, good quality bag in which your gear will not let you down when you need it most. Many imported bags are full of junk, so don’t settle for the cheapest one you can find. If you decide to go for cheap gear, it may be a good idea to put less material in your bag than cheap gear. That way, you can add the quality items you need while keeping the core of the bag (and not swapping items).

We tested a wide variety of insect protection bags to find the most appropriate one for an emergency situation. There are hundreds of prefabricated kits out there, but we were able to quickly clear the field by doing a little research and simply recognizing quality materials. Functionality, versatility and quality are all factors that set the best high-end backpacks apart from the rest of the competition. We look forward to sharing our discoveries and finding all the “shortcuts” that won’t let you down. If you need a high quality, versatile evacuation bag for any situation, one of our recommendations for evacuees will do the trick.

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The Best Prefabricated Bug Out Bag

Sustainable Procurement Co essential2

A versatile and waste-free branding device.

This 72-hour kit is the best way to start your training with premium equipment that can handle any emergency.

*Price at time of publication; check for price changes or clearance sales.

Sustain Supply Co Essential2 is undoubtedly the best option for drainage bags. Sustain Supply Co has a wide range of bags that have earned their keep, but Essential2 stands out from them and its competitors by being the best value for money on the market. SSC offers its “Comfort2” bag for double the price, but most of the material in this prefabricated bag can be upgraded. The contents of the Essential2 bag include :

  • Baby carriage backpack (large capacity, gray)
  • 4x Cyalume Glow Rods
  • LED Lantern
  • First aid kit
  • Paracord
  • Sanitary wipes
  • 2x Mylar blankets
  • Head Morakniv
  • 2x emergency whistles
  • 2 nutrition bars (2400 calories)
  • 12 Datrex water bags
  • Sawyer Mini Water Filter

Essential2 includes only essential equipment that you don’t need to upgrade, even if you decide to increase your preparedness later. This helps keep products inexpensive – so you can reduce weight and price. In particular, the Morakniv, Sawyer Mini and Portable Food/Water products are best in class.

Most of the evacuation bags we tested contain non-essential parts to sell more: the “evacuation bag of 300 pieces”, but these kits contain 299 unnecessary parts. Sustain Supply Co goes to great lengths to cover only the essentials and leave out the clutter to give us a finished backpack of great value.

Ready America Emergency Kit Premade Bug Out Bag

An inexpensive pre-installed backup bag

A ready-made American emergency

An inexpensive and indispensable transmission

People on a budget will appreciate that this package covers the essentials, but allows you to add your own tools without compromising.

*Price at time of publication; check for price changes or clearance sales.

If you’re looking for a cheap prefabricated bug out backpack, you won’t find a better offer than the prefabricated American backpack for 2 people in 3 days. As our best choice, they have left out all the non-essential parts to offer a real backpack at a great price. The bag includes :

  • Recovery backpack (medium capacity, red)
  • 2x nutrition bar for May (2400 calories)
  • Water bags for May
  • First aid kit
  • 2x Mylar blankets
  • Pipe
  • 2x Cyalume glow sticks
  • 2x emergency poncho
  • 2x dust masks
  • 2x nitrile gloves

While much can be added or improved, this Ready America kit is a solid starting point with inexpensive supplies.

Uncharted The Seventy2 Premade Bug Out Bag

Leveling a prefabricated bag for troubleshooting purposes

Unloaded 72

Organized, quality, with premium tools.

If you’re looking for the best gear in one place: The removable bag makes it easy to work with Seventy2’s prefabricated bug-out.

*Price at time of publication; check for price changes or clearance sales.

If you want the best without having to put everything in place, “Uncharted….’s Seventy2” is the way to go. Every detail of this kit is clearly thought out and built to perfection. First, most prefabricated drain bags do not have the same quality as the bag itself, which is not the case here. The bag is of very high quality, waterproof, made of durable 600D canvas, with a capacity of 26L and with an organizer insert. Inside the bag you will find premium equipment, including:

  • Sawyer Mini Water Filter
  • Nalgene bottle (48 oz)
  • Datrex Ration bar
  • Stormproof UCO matches
  • The Mylar Survival Tent
  • Sanitary napkins
  • Paracord
  • Multi-purpose tool guard
  • Waterproof compact flashlight
  • Camping Shovel/Pickax
  • First Aid Kit with Aquarius and Silkworm
  • 2x Cyalume glow sticks
  • Mylar blanket
  • Sunscreen (SPF 50)
  • Radio / Flashlight / Combined charger
  • Filter mask (99.9% carbon filter)
  • Food ribbon
  • 2x hand warmers at the heat plant
  • Safety Glasses
  • Magnesium firelighter with tanto knife
  • Bini
  • Insulated, cut-resistant gloves

The bag is a marriage of preparedness and minimalism, so they filter out all the junk. To top it off, they value the military and give a 10% discount to members and veterans when you make a purchase on their website. Christian does a great job of explaining the thought process behind the design and contents of the Bug Out Bag here :

Everything we recommend

Ready America Emergency Kit Premade Bug Out Bag

A ready-made American emergency

People on a budget will appreciate that this package covers the essentials, but allows you to add your own tools without compromising.

Where to buy

39* in the Amazon

* during the investigation

The prefabricated kits we compared

Our research narrowed the field down to some of the candidates we tested: Ready America, Everlit, Guardian Survival Gear, Sustain Supply Co, Uncharted, and many others. This allowed us to exclude kits that were poor quality, cheap to make, or just not worth the effort. The finished kits have a lot of material to test, so we’ve been doing this for a while.

What to look out for

The best pre-bug bags have some important features you should look out for:

  1. Value
  2. Transmission
  3. Versatility
  4. capacity for innovation

Below we explain what each of these points means for a big bag of bugs. If you find the right mix, you can find a big bag of bugs without having to pick up even one.

Preliminary value

The point of a prefabricated backpack is to save time and money.

You save time by researching and testing equipment, as well as purchasing and moving equipment for various emergency situations. Many people underestimate the time they spend researching equipment.

You can save money because these companies use their wholesale power to get cheap prices on their equipment and then distribute it in these emergency kits. Mylar blankets are much cheaper if you buy thousands at a time instead of just one. A ready-made kit can also save you from ordering inferior, redundant or unnecessary equipment.

Uncharted Bug Out Bag Contents Quality equipment can be cost-effective in the long run and in emergencies.


How much material should go into a carry-on bag? This is a long-standing argument in favor of prefabricated evacuation bags and homemade kits.

We have covered this topic in our comprehensive troubleshooting guide, where we define and list the basic equipment. The basic equipment is needed as a base for any touring kit, and any additional equipment makes the kit more versatile for different emergencies.

Universal gearbox

Equipment that is not essential may still be necessary for your particular situation. In our comprehensive list, this equipment is classified as “recommended” and “considered,” two additional levels that can help determine how important it is to include certain equipment items in your kit. All of these equipment items are designed to increase the versatility of your gear for a wider range of emergency situations.

capacity for innovation

You can upgrade anything you want in your kits. When we look at certain types of equipment, we often indicate that our “upgrade choices” represent the highest level of quality in that segment. The only problem with upgrading is that you may already have equipment that does the same job, but of lesser quality.

It is not the end of the world – it is better to have more than one piece of tool or equipment (we call this redundancy). In many cases redundancy is considered a negative word, but in the world of education it is a good thing. “Two is one and one is not” is the common phrase we refer to.

At the same time, you don’t want to accumulate a pile of material that you will never use. There is a fine line between being ready and accumulating. If you don’t touch the equipment for a year, you run the risk of doing it wrong and having to do a self-assessment. Too much equipment is certainly one thing, and you must be able to stay organized to be prepared. If you discover that you have masses of gear that you don’t need, give it away, throw it away, or make quick money on eBay.

When looking at the possibility of upgrading precast drainage bags, we consider whether or not the interior equipment needs to be replaced.

Why first aid bags are important for survival.

Evacuation bags are part of your overall emergency plan and are important for events that may require you to evacuate your home. There are a number of emergencies, disasters and events for which it would be helpful to “break out” – or leave your home. Here are a few of them:

  • House Fire
  • The hurricane
  • Flooding
  • Wildfire
  • Nuclear Accident
  • An attack in the war

The list is long, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. To learn more about all the common threats and how they are taken into account in your risk assessment, check out our TrueRisk analysis. As you can see, the likelihood and impact of these events vary widely, but your ability to survive each event may depend on your willingness to make a mistake.

Given the wide range of threats for which you need to be mobile, eavesdropping bags are a known priority for preparedness. The Red Cross, FEMA and CERT all agree that it is important to prepare independently and that every family should have an emergency plan that includes evacuation.

Who needs a prefabricated PDO?

Prefabricated drainage bags can save a lot of time and money if the right option is chosen. It makes it easier for people to prepare themselves or other family members.

Of course, the base kit, on which the finished kit will stand:

Whether it’s a ready-made Bug Out Bag or a “fire and forget” purchase, it may be worthwhile to consult the checklist and complete guide in the Bug Out Bag link above. We are constantly updating the Bug Out Bag buying guide with new equipment and recommendations based on the world’s ever-changing threat profile.

How we evaluate products: We do extensive research before selecting the best products to review. We consult with experts in the field to better understand what makes a good device. Hours and hours are spent in field testing under stressful conditions. We set performance criteria and evaluate each tested product impartially. You can support us with our independently selected references, which allows us to earn commissions at no additional cost to you. After our discussion, some of the points discussed are included in our documents.

Sources and References

An objective view of the best finished bug out bag is useless without sources and references. We relied on their knowledge of the books, combined with our practical military experience and future results.

Ostrowski, G. and Shemesh, A. (2018). Contents of an insect pouch. Prehospital and disaster medicine; Cambridge, Vol. 33, issue. 6, pp. 647-649 (Source).

Public Safety Canada. (2016). Kits for emergencies. (Source).

Stewart, C. (2012). Building the perfect backpack. Penguin. (Paperback, Source).

Concluding remarks

Preparation and preparedness can be different for everyone. Some people have enough time to read and put together their own survival bag, but the fact is that most people do not have that luxury.

In addition to Bug Out Bags content, we also have many tips and suggestions in our guides, starting with our complete guide and including our articles on the cheapest Bug Out Bags, Bug Out Bags for kids and even Bug Out Bags for pets :

We have provided a lot of information, but as always, if you have any questions, let us know and we will be happy to help. During our research and testing, we chose the Essential2 from Sustain Supply Co as the best option considering its price, type of equipment, versatility and potential for improvement. Don’t forget to practice with your pre-made first aid bag – don’t leave it in the closet forever. You can not only learn about the equipment, but also check the expiration date.

Keep exploring, prepare and be safe.

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The Best Premade Bug Out Bag

Frequently asked questions

What is the best first aid bag?

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What should be in a first aid bag?

The bag should contain a first aid kit, a flashlight, extra batteries, matches in an airtight container and a whistle. It may also be helpful to have some sturdy tape, plastic wrap and some tools.

What is the difference between a first aid bag and a first aid kit?

The main difference is that a survival kit focuses on the natural environment and what it can throw at you, while the “bug out” survival bag is designed to keep someone alive for about 72 hours in a disaster situation.

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