Survival tip from Bear Grylls is simple and direct. Survival in the wilderness is not easy, and one has to be careful. In case of an emergency, the first thing you have to do is to find a suitable place to stay, call for help and stay there until help arrives. While staying there you should be well-prepared with useful items such as food, water, first aid kit and toiletries etc.

While going for a walk, you should be equipped with hiking boots, rainproof jacket, extra clothes, hiking poles, spare flashlight, a whistle, and other equipment required for a comfortable walk. Along with these, it is important to carry some food and water to tide you over. In case of an emergency, the best way to survive is to stay calm and avoid panic. However, if you can not do so, get a radio from your cabin and keep the radio on constantly.

The first step in bear safety is to have proper footwear. It is essential that the soles of your shoes are thick, soft and sturdy. Your soles should be able to bear the weight of your body and they should grip the ground firmly. Your boots should be waterproof, strong and airtight to protect you against water, mud, dust and insects. They should also be insulated for added protection against the cold. You should protect your feet by wearing tall socks and woolen shoes.

The next survival tip to follow is being well-hydrated. Never walk out of your way to water. You would never know when you might need it. So, whenever you encounter a situation where water is needed, go for it without any delay.

If you are in a situation where you may have to deal with a bear, the best possible thing to do would be to use a muzzle. You can either buy or make a bear muzzle from plastic tubing and a bit of wire. Put this muzzle around your chin and under your chin. This will not only protect you but will scare the bear away.

Do not approach the bear. Instead, stay calm and look like you are waiting for it to move away. Just in case it charges, just point the muzzle at it. Do not turn or lift the bow or gun in such a way that it touches the bear. You might look like a good target if you aim at the bear while its eyes are fixed on you.

If you come face to face with a bear and it is too far away for you to shoot it, one of the best options left for you is to run. Do not turn around or even bend over as you run. Just keep on moving and trying to attract the bear’s attention. If the bear comes close to your hiding spot, make a loud noise or stick your head into the grass.

The last yet most important survival tip would be to avoid forest camping. Never go near a forest where bears have been sighted. They know when they are being followed and they will not hesitate to attack. You can stay out in a nearby camp fire without worrying about being attacked by a bear. You can even cook your food in the open fire pit if there are no other safe spots nearby.

The last bear survival tip is to avoid large crowds of people. Stay safe in a group. Stay away from busloads of people at any time of the day. When in the forests, always be watching out for animals. Even a squirrel can be a big problem, especially when it pounces on you.

What to do if you are attacked by a bear? There are only two options. One is to fight back. The other is to run. Fighting back against an angry bear is one battle you definitely don’t want to get into.

As long as you follow these bear safety tips, you have nothing to worry about. A bear may not be dangerous for humans but it could be deadly for you. That is why you should always be alert and pay attention. You would never know when the chance for a bear attack would strike so you have to be prepared all the time.

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