If you’re anything like me, you’re interested in the Art of Blushing. As an intelligence professional, I’ve been curious about it for quite a while. Why is blushing so important to counter intelligence? Is it part of the emotional response we have to negative stimuli? Or is it something deeper?

Blushing is part of our emotional response system. When we’re scared, nervous, sad or angry, the Adrenalin rush kicks in – and we blush. The reason we blush is because it’s part of what comes out in that ‘fight or flight’ kind of response. Fear, anger, stress… they all activate our emotions and that includes our emotions related to blushing.

That said, if you’re a person who’s worried about blushing, or someone who’s concerned about you blush, you can take heart in this little story. It’s true that your blushing isn’t the cause of what’s bothering you. However, it IS the symptom. And, although it’s important to control your emotions (which is why you’re reading this), you also need to be aware of what your blushing is telling you.

The first thing to consider is whether your blushing is trying to tell you something. Does your reddening indicate that you’re hiding something? Have you ever thought that your hands might be shaking as you write down a phone number or tell someone your address? The truth is that our blushing has more to do with what’s NOT shown to us, rather than what is shown to us. The truth is also much more hidden than you might think: if you’re really worried about blushing, the fear is clearly visible to you – but the information it provides may not be.

Now that we’ve established that blushing IS a symptom, it’s important to determine what it is. Blushing is a natural human reaction to things that make us uncomfortable. Think about it: when was the last time you got angry because you saw a man with a cigarette going in your girlfriend’s mouth? Or when was the last time you lost your temper because you saw a fly buzzing around your mouth in the aisle at the grocery store? Blushing is a way to alert us to danger.

What’s important to realize is that blushing is a very real and important part of your personality – even if you think it’s silly. Consider the way you feel about yourself when you blush. Do you feel self-conscious or guilty? Do you feel ashamed or embarrassed? Blushing can alert you to information that you’d rather not see – information that could save your life.

The art of blushing: 5 tips from a counterintelligence special agent begins with realizing that blushing is a way of protecting you. In fact, it is an important defense mechanism for your psyche. It serves as a kind of code word to let you know that it’s okay to speak your mind – and that if you do get upset over a perceived slight such as being called out on your blushing, you will end up looking really silly when your boss sees it.

Blushing is also an art form. There is a science to it. It is important to understand that blushing is a natural response and that there are different levels of it. The key to unlocking its power is to be honest with yourself about how often you experience it and how intense it is – then use that information to determine what level of control you have over it.

The art of blushing: 5 tips from a counterintelligence special agent includes acknowledging that you blush. Yes, it is important to admit that you blush. The blushing is part of your charm. If you want to put your best foot forward, you have to admit that you blush. This is an important first step because it indicates that you are a person with a good memory and that you understand where your behavior comes from. The more comfortable you are with your vulnerability, the more likely you are to avoid potentially damaging situations where you must be strong and brave while blushing.

The art of blushing: 5 tips from a counterintelligence special agent also includes acknowledging when you are blushing. Yes, it is important to admit when you blush. However, it’s also important not to let others know when you do – especially people who want you to maintain your secret. Keep your emotions to yourself. You will feel much more confident if you keep your inner demons to yourself.

The art of blushing: 5 tips from a counterintelligence special agent also includes knowing when you are blushing. Do not let other people know when you’re blushing unless it is very relevant to the situation at hand. Also, keep in mind that blushing is a natural human behavior that is designed for your survival. It is one of your most powerful defenses, so be sure that you practice these tips diligently if you want to get ahead in the world.

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