The 6 Fire Lays Every Man Should Know

Fire is one of the most important tools for survival. Knowing how to build a fire can help you live in times of need, but it’s also just good practice for when better times come again and everyone has access to electricity everywhere. This list includes some popular ways that people have found to start fires with their bare hands or without any equipment whatsoever!


Every guy should be able to start a fire. However, several sorts of campfire lays (firewood setups) are required for different outdoor situations, thus knowing how to build many types is essential.

Six of the most frequent and beneficial fire lays are highlighted below.

Laying the Teepee Fire

It’s simple to start a fire with a teepee lay, which is why it’s the most popular campfire setup for most outdoor enthusiasts. It’s also a fantastic fire for cooking and keeping warm. One disadvantage of a teepee fire is that it burns rapidly and requires a lot of fuel to maintain.

Many other fire lays depend on a teepee lay to get started, thus mastering it is essential.

Place your tinder bundle on the ground to start. Make a little teepee out of kindling over your tinder bundle. Begin with little twigs and work your way up to larger ones. Make a hole in your teepee on the side where the wind is blowing. This will guarantee that your fire has enough oxygen to burn efficiently. Set your tinder bundle on fire. Add progressively thick sticks, and finally enormous fuel logs, in the same teepee configuration, as the fire grows.

Lay a Star Fire

You’ve probably seen a star fire lay if you’ve seen vintage Western movies. It’s the go-to fire pit for cowboys who have to range in regions where there isn’t much wood. The star fire lay does not produce a large or hot fire, but it is fuel-efficient and simple to put up.

Make the spokes of a wheel by laying five or six logs on the ground. The arrangement will have a star-like appearance. Start a small fire with a teepee placed within the hub of your wheel/star. Push the major logs of the star lie towards the center as they burn.

Laying a Fire in a Lean-to

The lean-to fire setup offers a safe umbrella for your tinder bundle to rest underneath. As a result, it’s a fantastic fire lay to utilize when it’s windy or wet. The trade-off is that this setup restricts airflow a little, which might make starting a fire a little more difficult.

How to do it: Place your tinder against a huge log to start the fire. Small twigs and sticks should be leaned against the log and above the tinder pile. You can understand why it’s referred to as a “lean-to.” Set your tinder bundle on fire.

The Fire in the Log Cabin

It’s simple to understand how the log cabin lay gained its name just by looking at its construction. You’ll construct a little log home out of fuel logs, with a small teepee fire pit in the center. As the flames begin to consume the large logs that make the log cabin shape, the ensuing fire burns huge and hot and doesn’t need as much attention once lit. 

To create it, start by constructing a miniature teepee fire pit. Gather huge pieces of fuel wood and arrange them on the teepee’s opposing sides. Opposite pieces of wood should be laid parallel to the initial set of fuel wood on the other sides of the teepee. Consider how you construct using Lincoln Logs. Build your log home until it is almost the same height as your teepee. Set fire to the tent.


Long/Parallel Fire Layout

The parallel/long lay’s construction channels air into the fire, resulting in a stronger burn, which is useful for cooking. It may also be a suitable fire lay for windy situations since the structure stops the wind from the sides.

Place two huge, long green logs parallel to each other, approximately six inches apart. In between the logs, start a tiny teepee fire. You may also build a large hole in the earth and light a fire within. To establish a temporary cooking range, place pots and pans over the logs or trench.

The Fire of the Pyramid/Upside-Down/Council

This campfire will continue for hours without needing to be tended, making it the perfect “set it and forget it” fire. While it takes a little longer to set up and get going, if you need a fire that will keep you warm all night without requiring you to get up regularly to refuel it, this is the lay for you.

How to create it: Arrange your fuel logs in a pyramid configuration, with each layer perpendicular to the one before it. Begin at the bottom with the biggest logs. Use smaller pieces of wood for each subsequent layer. Place the logs with as little space between them as possible. Place your tinder on top of your pyramid and start a tiny teepee fire. Set your tinder bundle on fire. As the pyramid burns, each layer dips and collapses, igniting the one below it. The fire is self-sustaining.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is fire lay?

A: Fire lay is a type of dance in which the dancer moves to the rhythm of music.

How do you make a campfire in art of manliness?

A: A campfire starts by laying down a large piece of wood in the center, and then lighting it on fire with a lighter or match. After that, more fuel is added to the fire one stick at a time until theres enough for people sitting around it. Then other pieces are arranged around the central log so that they form an arc-shaped ring.

How do you build a council fire?

A: This is a difficult question. You can build a council fire by using wood and kindling, or you could use the suns energy to create heat with rocks which would burn natural gas that has been left in earth for thousands of years.