The 50 Best Jokes for Kids of Different Ages

Children are a very important part of the survival genre, and there is no better way to engage them than with jokes. These fifty jokes for kids will have them laughing all day long!

The “funny jokes for kids(10-11)” is a list of 50 jokes that are appropriate for children ages 10 to 11. It includes some of the best jokes from all over the world.

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While we’ve selected the finest jokes for kids of all ages, as well as the best riddles and even non-cheesy knock-knock jokes, little children — those aged 3 to 7 — need their own category.

Rather than relying on complexity and nuanced cultural knowledge as older jokes do, these jokes depend on kid-friendly allusions (to animals, bodily parts, food, and so on), puns, and pure absurdity. Children in the 3-7 age range will most likely understand the setup and derive humor from the actual punchline; with those in the lower age range, you’re almost entirely focused on funny delivery, which includes making goofy noises and laughing hard at yourself, which often gets them to laugh as well.

Some of them you’ve probably heard before – maybe as a youngster! — while others are brand new to the cultural lexicon and pretty amusing. Share them with your friends and family, and inspire your kids to make up their own jokes!

The 50 Funniest Jokes for Kids

“What makes fish want to live in saltwater?”

They sneeze when they eat pepper!

“How come giraffes have such long necks?”

Because their feet are quite stinky!

“How do you refer to a dinosaur that is sleeping?”

There’s a dino-snore!

“How do you refer to a dancing cow?”

A milkshake, of course!

“How do you refer to a fish that has no eyes?”


“How come the teddy bear didn’t want dessert?”

Because he was already stuffed!

“What has two legs but can’t walk?” says the narrator.

A pair of trousers!

“Who can leap higher than a skyscraper?” says the narrator.

Anyone! Skyscrapers are unable to leap.

“What did the small corn have to say to the mom corn?” says the narrator.

What happened to the pop corn?

“What was Mom thinking when she threw the butter out the window?”

She had a strong desire to see a butterfly!

“How come gorillas have such large nostrils?”

Because they can choose with such large fingers!

“How can you make a squirrel like you?” says the narrator.

Act as though you’re a crazy!

“Can you tell me what the large flower said to the small flower?”

Hey, bud!

“Where do cows go on Friday nights?” says the narrator.

Moo-vies, Moo-vies, Moo-vies, Moo-vies

“When the water meets its buddies, what does it do?”

It waves!

“What do elves study at school?” says the narrator.

The elf-abet, the elf-abet, the elf-abet

“How come 6 is terrified of 7?”

Because 7 devoured 9!

“In the summer, what do you call a snowman?”

A puddle!

“What animal cheats in games?” says the narrator.

It’s a cheetah!

“What is a tree’s preferred beverage?”

Root beer, of course!

“When porcupines kiss, what do they say?”


“How come Elsa can’t have a balloon?”

‘Let It Go!’ she’ll say.

“How do you refer to a dog that visits the beach in the summer?”

It’s a hot dog!

“Did the volcano say anything to his wife?”

I’m completely enamored with you!

“How do you refer to cheese that isn’t yours?”

Cheese nachos!

“Can you tell me what’s brown and sticky?”

A stick!

“Are you wearing underpants with holes?”

No? So, how are you going to get your legs through it?!

“If a dinosaur showed up to your school, what time would it be?”

It’s time to flee!

“How did one wall respond to the other?”

I’ll see you around the bend!

“How can you make a tissue dance?” says the narrator.

Make it a little boogie!

“How do you refer to a pig who knows karate?”

A pork chop, to be precise.

“How do you refer to the neighbor’s horse?”

Your next-door neighbor.

“Which of these structures has the most stories?”

The library, of course!

“Can you tell me what sort of shoes ninjas wear?”


“When you can’t play video games, what type of games do you play?”

Games that bore you!

“What made the weightlifter so angry?”

He was working out with dumbbells!

“What has four wheels and flies?” says the narrator.

There’s a trash truck!

“What should you do if someone gives you a sideways glance?”

Return them to their original position!

“Can you tell me what a snake’s favorite subject in school is?”


“Can you tell me where you learned how to make ice cream?”

School for sundaes!

“How do you refer to a cow that has no legs?”

Beef in the ground!

“How come elephants are seldom seen hidden in trees?”

Because they’re really skilled at it!

“How do you refer to a fly without wings?”

A walk!

“Can you tell me why the barber won the race?”

He was well-versed in shortcuts!

“What’s the greatest filling for a pie?”

Your pearly whites!

“What happens when you mix cheese with ducks?”

Quackers and cheese!

“When the shark ate the clownfish, what did he say?”

This has a peculiar flavor.

“What was the purpose of the girl putting peanut butter on the road?”

To go with the gridlock!

“What was Mickey Mouse’s motivation for going to space?”

To locate Pluto!

“What does a storm cloud wear underneath his clothes?” says the narrator.




The “funny jokes for kids(8-9)” is a list of the 50 best jokes that are appropriate for children in different age groups.

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