Who has not heard of the survivors of the tallest mountains in the world? Not one person, but millions of people have. Have you ever wondered what makes them stay alive when others have died? It is their personality, and it is their willingness to be counted amongst the greatest.

The ability to climb mountains and live for months or even years after losing all hope is an amazing talent. It takes a lot more than will power to stay on top of a mountain, much less keep on walking for days, weeks or even months. It is amazing the lengths some people will go to simply have a taste of fame and immortality. Some of these people have trained with special diets and exercises just to be fit enough to scale mountains. Others have devoted their lives to a cause that would cause them even more hardship.

The first person to start this list was Everest. This mountaineering machine has stood the test of time because of its sheer physical and psychological challenges. Mount Everest is the tallest mountain on Earth and it is also the most deadly. It took four Americans and an Indian team fourteen days to reach the top of the world.

Despite the hardships, those who reached the summit lived to tell the tale of their achievement. There is one survivor from each generation who can tell us how they made it to the top of the mountain. Stories like these inspire us to strive for greater heights and conquer great challenges.

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The next best thing to do if you are ever stranded on the side of the road is to call a tow truck. This is not meant to be a compliment. It is a reality because one tow truck has been able to rescue many people from cars, SUV’s and even boats. In one case, a family was stranded on the side of the road and a tow truck was sent to their rescue. All they needed to get back on the road was some food and water.

People will often think that animals will not have a problem with them. They are wrong. These creatures are equipped with the ability to run away and hide from people.

As far as hiding from people goes, snakes look pretty good for this purpose. They have been known to run away and hide behind trees or rocks even at night. It may sound like a good idea but there are people who have been bitten by a snake while they were sleeping. It can be dangerous.

The final reason that the 25 most incredible survival stories of all time should be read is because they show what human beings are capable of doing when they put their lives on the line. The things that these people did would make you question if they had any fear at all. This type of thinking is what makes us human.

Consider if you will all of the people that have survived from viruses or starvation. All of those stories would make you think that human beings are stronger than the virus or disease that attacked them. Well, maybe so but there is one thing that is for sure.

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None of those stories have happened in our modern times. Today people barely have time to slow down and think before acting. They just don’t have the time to sit and think. The only way to survive today is to act before thinking. This is what has happened in our society as well.

Most people will go out into the world and act without thinking. They will just go and buy a gun and shoot as many people as they can find. They won’t slow down and try to figure out how to protect themselves or where to run to. They will just go ahead and have fun shooting as many people as they can find.

The only way to survive and actually thrive in this society is to slow down and think. We need to learn how to be happy with what we have. We need to know how to take care of ourselves. We need to learn to not worry about what other people think. These are the things that will bring us success in this world.

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