Disney World is one of the most popular vacation destinations, and a large part of what makes it so popular is the Magic Kingdom. While there are many attractions around the Disney theme parks, the Magic Kingdom has arguably the best collection of rides and attractions of all of Disney’s theme parks combined. Every single one of the Disney themed parks has a different aspect to it, whether it’s collecting little figurines, playing games, or just watching the fireworks. It’s because of these various aspects of the Magic Kingdom that many people choose to vacation at Disney World rather than somewhere else. But as we all know, crowds are always a factor, and it is here where many first time attendees of Magic Kingdom come in droves.

This means that being able to avoid the crowds altogether is one of the biggest benefits to going to Disney World on a school break. The Magic Kingdom has some of the biggest crowds of any theme park in the world, and even some of the rides that are less well known can be very crowded. However, because Disney World is a smaller park compared to other parks, the crowds are spread out more so, and you’ll have a much better chance of being able to avoid the crowds altogether.

There are two primary reasons why Disney World is such a popular vacation destination despite its reputation as a highly crowded tourist trap. The first reason is simply because Magic Kingdom is such a wonderful place to visit. The second reason is because the majority of the crowd is unable to go to the Magic Kingdom because they must get to Florida first. Walt Disney World is not only one of the most frequently visited tourist destinations, but it is also among the least crowded tourist destinations in the world. In fact, during the school holiday seasons, Magic Kingdom tends to be one of the least crowded places in Orlando, especially since the crowds flock there during the warmer months of the year.

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One thing you may notice when visiting Magic Kingdom during the school holidays is how crowded the entrance to the Magic Kingdom is. If you arrive early enough, you can avoid the huge crowd levels outside of Cinderella Castle. It’s not uncommon to see children jumping over Cinderella’s castle or even running around in the streets. Because Magic Kingdom is a relatively slow-paced park, the crowds do not build up for hours on end. You can usually get in a good amount of time with little to no lines.

Another reason why Magic Kingdom is less crowded than the other two parks may be because of the different faces it presents. Most of Disney World is built on an elevated plateau that looks like a sky scraped from a cartoon. The two main rides at Disney Hollywood Studios are based around these starkly contrasting images. The Hollywood Studios rides are also surrounded by a lot of the city that you would normally find around an urban area. The contrast between the two areas creates an environment that is far more dramatic and fun than other Disney theme parks.

Both of the aforementioned attractions are great for first timers and experienced riders alike. You can get on a boat ride around the lake or have a bungee jump or other exciting roller coaster ride around the theme park. It is always a thrill to ride the tall roller coasters at Magic Kingdom because of the massive drop that takes place. Many people who are afraid of heights find this ride particularly thrilling. In fact, some people have difficulty walking around the parks after having a roller coaster ride at Magic Kingdom.

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On the other hand, one of the most famous rides in the park may not be the most exciting or popular among kids or adults either. That ride is called Pirates of the Caribbean. It takes you through a dark and foggy sea as you discover the mysterious and ominous Caribbean. While you are on this boat ride, you will also find out what really happened at the Spanish shipwrecks that you explore as you pass by.

While there are certainly some things that you may miss when visiting the Magic Kingdom, you can always pack an extra costume. Disney knows that a lot of their guests come from outside the Orlando area and they want them to feel just like everyone else during the visit. You may even see more locals walking around as you pass by. The locals are always happy to talk with you and maybe stop for a cup of coffee as well. They are a wonderful resource for information and you may find them telling some interesting stories about the area’s history, attractions, or shops in the area.

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