Cleaning experts Marie Kondo shares tips on how to survive lockdown with your children. Although it is not the best time to talk to your children about anything, you must do so when you are in the room where they are locked out of. It may seem like a daunting task, but with these tips you will find that your children’s fear of the situation fades away.

Children often become more receptive after being introduced to a new environment. This is especially important when the children know that their parents are involved and can comfort them when they are upset or scared. It is difficult to do this when your child cannot see you face to face. However, there are ways to comfort your child and gain their trust.

When you enter a room where your child is locked out, briefly look around to make sure everyone is okay before entering. Remind your child that you are not all alone and there are not bad people in the building. Children are social animals and naturally want to be with their parents. However, you must remain calm and do not panic if you feel your child might be in any trouble.

As you are talking to your child, use your hands while speaking to prevent any injuries. Use a smooth hand motion and speak clearly. If you use your teeth, Marie Kondo urges cleaning professionals to use gloves and masks during this time so as not to damage the gag reflex in the child.

Give your child instructions about what time they should get home. Also, tell your child’s parents that you will be keeping an eye on them during the visit. This can help build their confidence, knowing that you are taking care of them. Once they get home, discuss what happened with them so that they know you followed your procedures to safeguard their child’s safety. They may need reassurance that they are safe.

You can encourage your child’s parents to be on the same page as you when it comes to discussing the visit. When you have a meeting, invite the other parent and the child’s caregivers to join you. This allows each of you to voice your concerns so that you can work together to address issues.

It is important that parents be informed of the reason for your child’s visit. For example, if you believe your child has asthma, it is important for you to let the doctor know. When you meet with the doctor, ask him/her to give guidelines on how to keep your child safe while you are gone. This is not only fair to you, but also to the child.

After the visit, you should take the child to his/her room. Do not leave your child alone in any room of the house. Your child needs to know that you are watching over him/her. If the child has fallen asleep or is sleeping alone, check to make sure he/she is safe. Remember to reassure the parents that you know what is best for your child.

You should have a plan of action when you are not with your children. For example, if you are going to spend the day at the hospital, you may want to call your parents to pick you up and take them with you. If you are working in another city, you can always ask your co-workers if they can spare some time to drive you home. Try to stay busy so you do not have time to dwell on your feelings. If you are stressed out, it is much harder to think clearly.

It is very easy to get wrapped up in your emotions. However, it is best to focus on the task at hand. Keep your mind occupied or let your children know that you are thinking of them by doing fun things together. Even doing a project together like painting a room can help to distract you.

When you are home, remember to take the kids to school on time. Take them with you when you run errands. If you have planned activities for the day, make sure that you stick to them. If you forget anything important, ask your child about it right away. This will help you both to stay organized and well informed.

There is no need to give up on childhood. You can do all of these things and still become a great mom and dad. Surviving childhood is not easy, but it is possible if you are strong and patient. Do not let your child bring you down. Rather, embrace your kid and allow him to take care of you as he is taking care of his own little angels.

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