Survivalist says her 5 tips could help you deal with any emergency situation. When disaster strikes, it is nice to know what other people are doing because it makes it easier to prepare and head for help when you need it most. There is one piece of advice she wishes that everyone would heed and that is “Emergency preparedness IS survival.” By being prepared, it means having the proper supplies and equipment on hand so you can at least have a chance of living until help arrives. There are a number of important survival elements that are essential in a disaster, and these are the ones she focuses on in her book.

The key thing to remember is that you are not alone in an emergency situation. Many people have gathered supplies and created a family of contacts, all of whom will need looking after. In fact, you may have been able to harvest some things from your home before the disaster struck. If you are able to hang on to some supplies, you should, because there will likely be others who can’t do so. A box or two of food, water, utensils and blankets can be very useful and will help many people who are depending on you for food, shelter and warmth. Don’t forget to check your home for any supplies that you may have taken with you as they may be able to help.

A lot of people also stock up on emergency supplies at work, in their cars and even in their homes, so if there’s something that can be used to make a home or car more comfortable and cover some of the needs until help arrives, put it in the back of your mind. For example, water purification tablets can be a lifesaver for people whose water supply has been cut off. You can easily make one at home using a few empty bottles that you’ve stored away for emergencies. There are other emergency supplies that you can find at your local drugstore, or that you can order online.

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Another important thing is ensuring that everyone in the family knows how to use the emergency equipment. This might mean making a few safety lesson videos or showing them how to use the various products so they know what to do in an emergency. This could also be a good time to show them what to do if their power goes out. It might seem silly to go through life like a choreographer, but this is not what disaster is like and it’s important for everyone to stay as prepared as possible.

One survivalist says her 5 tips could help you if you ever find yourself stranded: call for help. Whether you are alone or with others, making sure that you have somebody on the line when an emergency strikes is the best idea. Do not ignore personal emergencies as they tend to worsen with time. Get on the phone as soon as you can when an emergency breaks out. The sooner you deal with these situations, the less likely you are to lose your home and everything you have worked so hard to obtain.

Water is very essential in any survival situation and having access to clean water as soon as possible would be ideal. You would be surprised at how easy it is to get contaminated from the water you are using. Make sure you have buckets, creeks, and even toilets that are always available and use them whenever possible. These simple tools could help you save as many resources as possible and keep your health up despite any catastrophe.

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Another important survivalist says her five tips could help you if you ever find yourself in a situation: freeze first, cook second, eat last, recycle, and last but not least, store food. You will never know when you will be stranded in a city and no one has food or water to offer. Staying alive is a battle that you will win with the supplies you have on hand. The easiest way to store food is in sealed bags and containers, especially if you need to eat it quickly.

If you ever find yourself in a survival situation, the survivalist says her five tips could help you: think positive, breathe deeply, take deep breaths, think happy, and don’t sweat the little things. This is a common advice given by many people, but they forget that you need to practice this often to make it sink in. The survivalist also says if you plan ahead you will be prepared for anything. Preparing ahead is an action, it’s not something you do because you’re told to but something you think about and feel comfortable doing.

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