Survival Uses For Soda Cans

Improvisation is an essential survival skill. Almost all objects of daily life can be used in certain emergencies. Things like empty soda cans may seem useless to others, but with a little creativity, soda cans can be used for some of the most ingenious and practical means of survival.

Soda cans are one of the most common items found everywhere. And in a way it’s a sad fact, because you find them scattered almost everywhere. But as preparers, we can collect these soda cans and even hoard some of them to use for specific needs that may arise later.

Soda bricks are perfect for food processors – they are easy to cut and shape with tools and all knives and scissors. Remember to be very careful with sharp edges as they can cut deep!

Here are some survival tools to help you make good use of beverage cans:

Survival whistle

First of all, a whistle is an important tool to have on hand in case you get stuck, injured or want to signal your companions.

What you need:

  • 1 can of soda
  • Scissors (or sharp knife).
  • Snijder


Cut out the plate from the glass. Stay away from sharp edges that can cut off your fingers.

Survival use for beverage cans Cut a long strip from the sheet (depending on the size of the tube).

Bend a small section at a 45° angle at one end of the strip, then use your fingers to bend the end of this bent section into a small circle. Make sure there is a small gap between the end of the folded part and the rest of the sheet. Also remember to keep the chrome surface clear when performing steps 2 and 3.

Use Survival for Beverage Cans Cut a short piece from the other end of the strip. Make sure this small strip is long enough to stick out along the sides of the strip when you lay it horizontally over the rolled up part.

Beverage can survival Place the small strip with the chrome surface of the long strip facing up under the long strip in a horizontal position, directly next to the laminated part. This should form a cross with the ends of the small strip that runs along the sides of the long strip.

(The printed parts of the two strips must face each other. And the chrome surfaces must face in opposite directions).

Then these extended sides of the small strip are folded onto the longer strip.

Beverage can survival Bend the end of the long strip with the chrome surface up and toward the rolled-up portion. It should now cover the folded part of the small strip.

Survival Use for Beverage Cans Be sure to fold this tape and make sure the end of the tape fits into the corner fold of the folded section. Trim the end to the right size to hold it in place. Your bathtub strips are now shaped like a regular pipe.

Survival uses for soda cans If you have the end of your improvised pipe in front of you, you will notice a very thin slit between the small band and the long folded band. Insert a small flat tool into the slot and try to make it a little bigger. Make sure there is enough free space for air to enter.

Survival Insert for Soda Can To use, cover both sides of the rolled up part with your fingers and blow into the mouthpiece.

Fire-fighting and alarm equipment

The ability to make fire is an essential skill in any survival situation. A soda can be useful for stoking a fire in two ways.


The hollow bottom allows sunlight to be used to light the kindling. You need to polish the bottom of the glass so it’s shiny enough to reflect the sun’s rays. You can use a chocolate bar, toothpaste and even clay to polish the glass. Scrub each joint on the bottom of the pot until sufficiently polished. The polished bottom of the pot has a mirror effect, reflecting the light and heat of the sun and burning the flammable materials you’ve been cooking.

*The sandblasted bottom of the box can also be used as a signal device for aircraft, search teams or your satellites. You can also use other parts of the housing for signalling, for example. B. the top of the box or by cutting out the box and using a smooth reflective surface inside the box.

Use of a can as a base of fire

If the sun isn’t shining and the wind is too strong, or if it’s raining, you can use a can of drinks as a campfire stand. The inner walls of the glass quickly accumulate and retain heat. Use a suitable bowl, for example B. dry grass, pine cones or even a candle.

Penny Oven

Making a canning stove takes a little more effort, but it’s certainly handy when you need something portable to heat water or cook small portions of food.


  • 2 cans of soda
  • Hammer
  • Clamp
  • Cutter (or sharp knife)
  • Scissors
  • Nail
  • one-cent coin


Cut off the bottom of the jars (a little over an inch and a half, or a little more if you like).

Survival Use for Beverage Cans With a can cut out, use a hammer and nail to drill five holes in the inside (cross-shaped). Then make a circle of holes around the outer hollow. The cosmic holes are evenly distributed.

Soda can survival tool On the other side of the can, fold the edges inward with a clip to make it easier to attach the can with the hole in it. This can be used as a base, while the perforated glass is placed as a cover.

Survival use for beverage cans (optional) For the starter wick, place fiberglass insulation, cotton, or other flammable material in the bottom of the can.

Connect the two pots together and use the perforated pot as the top lid. It now serves as a makeshift stove.

Survival for canned goods with soda Add a substantial amount of denatured alcohol (or other fuel) to the canning stove by pouring it into the elongated portion of the stove. Also pour some on the holes in the side of the makeshift stove. (Make sure you use plenty of fuel if you haven’t put a wick in the stove).

Light it with a match or lighter and put a penny on it as soon as the fire starts to form.

That’s what it looks like: How do you build a rocket furnace for free?


Unlike a standard planter, soda cans can be used to grow plants on almost any surface. That’s easy to do too. Just cut off the top of the pot and place your plants and seeds inside. You can use any type of plastic to cover any planter during seeding.

You can also place a few stones at the bottom of the container so that water collects and your roots don’t get soggy. Be sure to paint the soda can to protect it and make it suitable for different temperatures.

Hot temperatures

Paint the planters lighter in color to reflect heat to the outside. The color keeps the plant’s roots cooler and reduces the evaporation of moisture.

Cooling temperature

Paint the jar black to help it absorb the heat of the sun.


The tab on the can seems to be an insignificant part of the can, but it can be turned into a makeshift fishing hook. This hook may seem a bit old-fashioned, but it’s tried and tested and despite its limitations has proven quite effective.

Just what you need:

  • 1 can of soda
  • Scissors, pliers or a small knife.
  • Fishing line


Using scissors (or pliers or a knife, depending on your preference), cut out part of the large circle on the tongue to make a hook.

Soda can survival Grind the tip of the tab with a tool of your choice until it resembles a hook.

Survival used for soda cans Attach a fishing line to a smaller circle and put a lure on a homemade hook and you’re good to go.


You can also turn your beverage can into a lantern or lamp with a few items and tools. See the article on candle lanterns for DIY instructions.

Miscellaneous hand tools

You can easily make different tools with a beverage can. The cutting edges of the glass are quite sharp. With a little wood and a little ingenuity, you can easily make a sawing tool.

All it takes is a little creativity and skill to make simple survival items. Knowing that this lemonade can survive can finally help you when needed.

Soda cans are easily accessible and can be very useful for many purposes other than those discussed here. Thanks to the adaptability of a beverage can, you can even learn how to use it to survive.

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