Survival tips from special forces really should be handed out free of cost to anyone who is willing to use them. Why? Because it’s a life or death situation and you need every advantage you can get. In the case of Ant Middleton, the US President was not only coming to protect the United States of America but to show the world that the United States and its soldiers are indeed the greatest on earth. How’s that for a military prowess? Consider if you will that Ant was given a special mission by the US military in the Middle East, to secure the peace between Israel and Egypt.

How’d he do it? By putting his faith in his military intelligence and his own knowledge of the region’s terrain, tactics and weapons used. If these tips supplied to the general public how would they hold up? Ant took his responsibility seriously. He knew what he was doing and he did it well.

When asked about his tips for securing peace, he said he had a simple plan. First he would set up a meeting with the heads of the Sinai tribes, the people of the Sinai Peninsula and the Jordanians. Once at the negotiating table, Ant would lay out his offer of peace and ask each nation for all, or cash, in exchange for reducing the tension between the Sinai and Israel.

The Egyptians, knowing that Israel was America’s closest friend, accepted easily. Then it got worse. Egypt’s new president didn’t want the A-Bomb deal and was determined to get the bomb for himself. It got worse.

When the negotiations started to heat up with either side trying to outmaneuver the other, one of the top advisors for the military, a man known as General Schwarzkopf, stood up for his military counterpart. General Schwarzkopf had also served in Vietnam and was well experienced in counterinsurgency planning. He rose to the challenge and put his plan into motion. It began with the Egyptians agreeing to terms that included American troop withdrawals from the Sinai Peninsula. When that was all done, and the negotiations were over, it was time for the group to take action.

During one of the many off days that they had just returned from, General Schwarzkopf, still in command of his men, put his plan into motion. First he called in every one of the special forces that were still in Vietnam. Then he put together a plan to assault the Sinai Peninsula. Only two platoons of troops were involved, both from the Marine unit and the Army Artillery Battery. They were joined by hundreds of members of the national Special Forces Group.

To make sure that the peace talks would go exactly as planned, Schwarzkopf put the troops into a mock desert and prepared a massive cache of weapons and equipment. On D-day the real attack began. The terrorists attacked with AK-47’s, machine guns, RPGs, and anti-tank weapons. American troops from the Marine units were hit by hand grenades, rocket propelled grenades, napalm bombs, and even American tanks. But to the credit of the special forces of the terrorists were repelled, many having been killed or taken prisoner. General Schwarzkopf then put the plan into play and the assault continued, although the weather did turn nasty.

On D-day the assault was a success, and they returned to the beach for another round of fighting. On that day, General Schwarzkopf put all of his men in one place at one time and they hit the terrorists so hard that they ran off the beach. It was then that they laid low, waiting for one of the terrorists to surrender.

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