Survival tips from Omar Abdullah on how to get through the 21-day lockdown. It is very interesting to read his Meme and you might even consider implementing some of it in your own situation. His mindset wins. I am still not sure if he is a terrorist or not but you never know when the government will be looking for ways to intern someone for a terrorist organization, as they did with Abu Khayr.

“I challenge you to be daring and bold to the point where you will have to explain yourself and post that picture on Instagram.” This is from his newest post. Hopefully the government will take notice of this man’s desire to educate the American People on his mindset and his opinion of post shared. He states that he will continue to post daily while locked up; he has done so since he was detained. It will be interesting to see what happens with this man, if he is properly treated and if his legal rights are protected.

In his newest video, titled; I’m Just Not Real, Omar reveals that he is posting his daily struggle through Instagram while in his isolation cell. He says he has been writing that daily in prison and that he knows his life may be in jeopardy. It will be interesting to see if the government does pay attention to this man’s story; especially after the Orlando shooting. This story along with others like it from poets who write under aliases will go a long way in helping to make sense of this tragic event.

“Covid-19” by Kayambah, translates into English as “web-like” or “net-galore” in German. Kayambah is a pen name used by opposition leader, Ayatbul Islam Mustafa. His story is very intriguing and you would have a hard time not reading it because of the excellent translation. Based on other posts in this series, I expect this one will receive a lot of attention and I look forward to learning what the public will come up with when they read this.

“An Unaccustomed Earth” by Katrina Kaif, is another post shared from rapper Ani Tawadros. This one is more philosophical and talks about the importance of forgiveness. She was also apparently upset over the loss of her friend and rapper, A.D. Pathan.

“An Unaccustomed Earth” by Katrina Kaif, also comes from rapper Ani Tawadros and also will be available on Tuesday at Amazon prime. It speaks on Global warming and what we can do to solve it. If you’ll recall, President Obama had a meeting with Al Gore while in India. The G-8 summit was also held in India.

“An Unaccustomed Earth” by Katrina Kaif is yet another great poem that comes from rapper Ani Tawadros and will be available on Tuesday at Amazon prime. It speaks of the importance of forgiveness. In the midst of all the racial turmoil, racial violence, and political rhetoric, people should try to find something that gives them peace and solace. I believe that the best way to do that is to watch the news on television. Sometimes, the news can be so interesting and sometimes it can stir up too much emotion that one loses sight of the sky.

In the midst of all this, one must remember to keep things positive. This means posting good content on Instagram and being patient with everyone even though they might not be able to understand your language or the culture that you speak. It takes a lot of patience to be in politics but when you are in fashion, life, music, or whatever you choose to call it; patience will always be rewarded. You can read more of this article at the website link below.

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