Heat exhaustion is a symptom many experience when trapped outdoors in the hot weather. Heat exhaustion can be fatal if not treated quickly. If you have ever felt the intense burn of your hair as it dries out in the wind, you know the effects of prolonged exposure to the sun on human skin. Hot sunburns leave dry, itchy marks and a lot of pain. Drying out your hair in the wind also leaves sunburned patches on your scalp that are itchy and uncomfortable. If you can’t avoid being out in the hot sun, one thing you can do is take care of your hair in preparation for the heat ahead.

The key to preventing sunburn is to keep your hair as dry as possible. Avoid using anything like hairspray, gel, mousse, or leave-on conditioner. These products will make your hair heavy and greasy, which will trap the moisture in your hair and cause it to soak up the sun instead of the air. Wear a hat with a wide brim to protect your face and neck from the sun’s rays. Avoid hats with large brim because this will block your eyes.

Another one of the best survival tips for wearing a mask in hot weather is to dress in layers. You may want to invest in an aqueous cream based sunscreen to keep your skin glistening and prevent sunburn. If you are going swimming, wear a life vest. A life vest will help prevent burns from occurring because it absorbs the high heat of the sun. On cloudy days, open up your shades and dress in layers so that the sun doesn’t directly hit your face.

Another thing that you need to remember about your hair in the hot weather is that it needs to stay out of the way. In fact, if you don’t want to get a sunburn, don’t go swimming or anything that will make you get burned. Always tuck your hair behind your ears when in the water. This will keep the heat from reaching your hair and scalp.

Wearing a hat with a wide brim will also keep the sun’s rays away from your face. You can put it on both your head and your shoulders if needed. Avoid wearing hats made of synthetic fabrics. They won’t do you any good as they trap moisture in the air which is not good for your hair. The only exception would be if you are going skiing or participate in extreme sports.

When it comes to your clothing, light colored clothes and light footwear are the best options for you. This will keep you cool and comfortable. It is also a good idea to change to a light colored shirt instead of just a white t-shirt. White shirts trap heat during the hot summer months, which makes you sweat more. It is important to keep your body temperature elevated and the sun at bay. You should also have a jacket that will keep you warm when it gets very hot outdoors.

If you are using a bull barrel to grill, always tie it closed to keep the grill away from your face. Avoid all types of open flames as they will cause you to burn your hair. If you do experience sunburn while out in the sun, do not pop the pimple because this will speed up the burning process. In fact, popping pimples will cause scarring that will last for a lifetime. If you do have a big pimple, you should immediately apply an ice pack on the area for two to three minutes so that the swelling can subside.

When it comes to shaving, make sure that you use a good quality electric shaver that is specifically designed for hot and humid weather. These types of shavers work great to burn off that extra layer of skin that many people forget to remove before going outside. To avoid having dirty hair on the top of your head, it is best to invest in a good hair tie. Hair ties will keep your hair neat and tidy so that you do not have to worry about getting dirt and grease into your clothing.

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