Here are some survival tips for rural students to consider during their trip back to school. Consider emergency food and water storage, especially if the students live in a rural area. It might be difficult to find bottled water or canned food while traveling through many miles of woods and back roads. Water purification systems can be very handy when students are camping outdoors. They can purify water and store it in jars for later use as a shower head when returning home.

It is very important that students have a cell phone with them. If a disaster cuts off the telephone lines at the school, a family member or a friend might need to make a phone call to let the school know there is an emergency. The phone must have an immediate dial tone so that students will know immediately that help is needed. A pager or a walkie-talkie will be nice to have as well. These devices can help get parents or students outside of the school building and to safety.

Students should bring snacks with them to school. These can be Snickers, M&Ms, crackers, yogurt, and other finger foods. They should also bring energy bars, bottled water, and a bag of food for carrying on campus or in the car. They can fill up water bottles with water before they leave the house to avoid getting sick from the food.

There should be a plan in place for a trip home that includes contacting home and telling parents. This information should be on the school bulletin board and should be updated every day. If there is not enough information, students should ask questions at school or at home. If school administrators do not return calls or respond to emails immediately, students should be worried. Parents should be reassured that their children are safe and that a plan for their return home has been put into place.

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Students should contact their home teachers if they have any questions about class work, homework, or home activities. School administrators can usually find out more about home teachers by asking a question or two at the school or online. The school may have a resource kit available for home teachers, and they should use this as well. The kit may contain materials that can be used by the entire student body or just a select few students for specific tasks, depending on the needs of each child.

If parents do not have the time to take their children to a location where they will be safe, they should get a resource kit from the school. This can contain items such as fire making materials and candles, a first aid kit, flashlights, instructions for staying safe outdoors, food bars or other supplies, and a phone. The kit should include extra copies of the handbook and rules for staying safe at home, as students need to know these things as well. The school should have a staff person on hand to be able to help a student who has questions or worries about going home.

As parents become educated about what their kids are up against when they go home, they can start discussing issues with their school administrators. This is a good way for parents to keep the best interests of their children in mind. It is also a great way for them to encourage their children to stay safe and healthy and to take care of their bodies while they are away from home. When children realize how much the school can do to protect them, and that the parents will support their needs, they tend to feel more secure about going to school each day.

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There are several other ways that parents and students can work together to ensure that their children are prepared to survive for several days without medical care. The school may have programs such as Safe Zone Day where students are required to wear a uniform that has reflective material on the back and shoulders to make it easy to locate in case of an emergency. In addition, students can learn CPR techniques from school staff members and can practice basic first aid techniques at home. These ideas are a great way for students to get ahead of the game and to help keep their families safe.

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