Survival tips for photographers can come in handy in any situation, but the most important is to have self-reliance. You may be the type of person who can go into any situation, look for the best camera, and take gorgeous pictures. But if you are without a camera, you have nothing to show for your talent. Learn more about survival tips for photojournalists.

– Practice what you have learned. Practice will make perfect, so don’t delay. Find someplace you can do simple practice, like at the local park, or in your own backyard. You may be surprised at how much better you can get at what you already know.

– Think of yourself as a team. If you have a family, each member needs to know how to use his or her camera and have a good understanding of how the settings work. When you are on assignment, make sure each member knows how to use the camera. Take turns being the photographer. Your survival tips for photojournalists never include “just one.”

– Keep your identity hidden. You might think you look cool being the only person wearing a camera. Maybe you are. But when you are the only visible person, you run the risk of becoming the center of attention. Always have an excuse to hide your identity.

– Be resourceful. It never hurts to ask for directions or to stay a little late to pick up supplies. Asking for help also falls into this category of survival tips. Keeping your identity hidden when you don’t really need to is just asking for trouble.

– Plan ahead. One of the best survival tips for photojournalists is to plan ahead. Make notes of where you will take photos and which shots you need to take. Use memory cards or a video recorder to record the events. If you have access to a computer you can also develop your photos later.

– Know your limitations. If you have a lot of equipment and not much room in your trunk, you probably don’t need to carry a big backpack with a hundred and twenty cans of soup. If you are photographing extreme nature, make sure you aren’t breaking any laws by taking pictures or by transporting yourself too far from civilization. These are all examples of situations where your survival tips for photojournalists fall short.

– Keep your family safe. There is no such thing as a photo blog for the dead. No matter how much time you spend preparing for a photo shoot, you should never forget the safety of your family. Keep their lives in your hearts always.

– Plan ahead for bad weather. This may sound like a given, but keep in mind that no photographer wants to be stuck out in the middle of no where with lightning striking or a sudden downpour. When you are planning ahead, check the forecast ahead of time. Also, if you are photographing in an area that doesn’t receive much rain, then you may need to bring an extra camera battery. These are just a few survival tips for photographers that you should remember no matter what the circumstances.

– Consider the weather. Another one of the most important survival tips for photographers is being aware of the weather. Always take notice of the forecast when shooting in a new location. The best time to photograph is actually at night. Even though you may think it’s raining there may be a chance that clouds or mist will block your view of the sun. Even if the conditions aren’t ideal, take a chance and at least find out what the temperature will be on that day.

– Avoid the crowds. The more people there are, the less likely you will be to get a good shot. This is especially true if you are traveling from city to city. Keep your priorities straight and pack light. If you are visiting a beach town, consider renting a car to help avoid the crowd and long drive.

– Leave early. It doesn’t matter how many survival tips you read on or watch on television, you still have to leave early. While you might want to take photos, you still have to get some breathing room. Taking the time to stop and eat in a proper place and take plenty of water can help you avoid being in a pinch while on travel.

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