As a parent of two children who attended the first two national conventions of comic-con in two years ago, I have found a number of very useful survival tips for kids at Comic Con. The first was in preparation for a long day of activities at the convention – many of which you might not attempt to do if your kids are old enough to understand what is going on. My son did not go to this year’s convention with his friends from grade school and it was a real eye opener for him just how much our family and community care about education. The second tip was to try to take advantage of public transportation – there is no need to use rented cars for a family day out if they can ride the buses every few hours to the hotel. This was one of my favorite things that happened while I was at the comic con.

It was very nice to be able to ride the buses into the city every few hours just so we could go see our favorite movies, meet new friends and do some other things that kids don’t normally do at the comic-con. My only regret is that we didn’t do it three days ago. Unfortunately we were caught up in what is known as the “Sixties Squeeze” that was when everyone just had to come and go in the middle of the night to work on deadlines could be completed before the sun came up. It was very difficult to get the doors open on that last day and the parking lot was almost completely full. Thankfully we were able to squeeze through with relative ease. We were also very fortunate that there were not very many other families doing the same thing as us that day – which is a good sign of how busy the area was.

There are a number of Survival Tips for Kids at Comic Con – Homeschool Hideout plans that you can check out. I was really impressed with the detailed plans that they provided and all the things you need to keep your children safe. It included a great survival tip for the pit that you can build beneath your kiddie pools to protect them. You can also do a waterfall feature at the top of the pit and that is another thing that is sure to keep the kids entertained and out of the water.

Here is a simple tip for the kids at Comic Con. Have you ever noticed those huge tents that are set up for people that are going to a comic con? They are usually along major roads or highways so they provide easy access for emergency vehicles. However, they also block out a big portion of the sun so that no one can really enjoy the outdoor weather without getting a sun tan. To solve this problem you should go ahead and take a couple of t-shirts and a bag of sun block and roll them up into a large ball. You then tie the two pieces of fabric together and roll them down under the sun so it doesn’t get absorbed into the fabric.

A second tip that you might want to consider is that of keeping food stored in coolers in case it gets too hot at any point. If you look at the summer season comic book store, you will see that many of these vendors have portable air conditioners that you can rent. These units are small and can easily be moved around. You can store them in coolers or underneath cars so that you don’t have to waste money bringing them in and out of the sun. You will also find many other cool survival items at the homeschoolinghutshop detail view.

Last but not least, one last tip for the kids at Comic Con is to buy some comics to bring back as gifts. This way you won’t have to worry about running out. You can usually find several issues of popular comic books for purchase, including monthly titles. A great advantage of buying a book is that you can read it multiple times before you have to start reading it all over again. There is no better way to pass the time during the days of ComicCon than by enjoying a good story.

So, those are some great survival tips for kids at comic con. A lot of the best days for shopping are those two days in June, when people travel from far away for the weekend. If you haven’t made it down to San Diego yet, now is the time to plan on making it. The area has become very popular for both lovers of comics and those who simply love high art. You can still find some great deals on shirts, art prints and much more.

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