Survival tips for parents who have to work from home are often ignored, misunderstood and taken for granted. It is not surprising that a great number of home-based workers feel completely trapped by their situation. The Internet and TV are filled with advice columns advocating the best ways to “steal” your day or to get ahead at work while enjoying the comforts of home. In some cases, this advice can be helpful. But, in other cases, it can be downright harmful. Here’s why.

When someone tells you to ignore what the boss says, don’t do it. Listen, bosses are there to tell you what to do. They have an agenda they want you to follow. And if you do something they don’t like, they’ll make sure you pay for it later.

Don’t let them bully you into doing things against your will. Employees are your friends. You should treat them with respect. Don’t allow them to get away with mistreating you. If they abuse their position of power, report them immediately.

Resist the urge to rely on your family and friends when things go bad. They may be able to help you, but they won’t be your one-and-done solution. And they won’t give up on their own. Your family and friends should only be used as a last resort, when everything else has failed.

Another set of survival tips for parents is to “hold your ground.” That’s right, don’t yield to harassment. If you fear losing your job, don’t give up on your freedom of speech and don’t become a victim. Staying strong and refusing to succumb to harassment is your best bet.

Survival tips for parents also include preparing a home “defense kit.” You could build a homemade bomb (only if you’re sure you know how to handle it) or arm yourself with a bat, pepper spray or other self-defense weapon. Either way, remember that it’s better to be safe than sorry. This “kit” only consists of common-or-garden items; make sure it meets legal requirements in your state before carrying it around with you.

Lastly, if you have small children, remember to prepare a “spare” home for them in case of emergency. Teach kids how to safely escape in case of a fire or other disaster. Have a spare bedroom or extra bed available for younger children. Teach kids the value of staying alert and mobile. Survival tips for parents don’t leave the child alone in a strange house.

A few survival tips for kids are easy to follow. Teach them what to do in case of emergency and what not to do. Teach them safety and independence. These tips can keep kids from fearing what could be dangerous and what can be fun and entertaining around the home.

If you have outdoor rooms in your home, use them for storage during a crisis. Store canned food and water in the refrigerator. Keep candles and flashlights out of reach of young children. Teach young children how to use a first aid kit. Teach kids what clothes to wear in case they get sick and what to do if their home is flooded. Teach them to boil water or use a kettle if a disaster occurs.

Teach your pet’s how to protect themselves and where to go if they become lost. Teach your dog how to use a dog crate. Teach your cat how to use its litter box. Teach your parrot or ham how to speak. Your pet can serve as a very valuable member of the family if you teach them how to protect themselves and what to do in case of a disaster. They can learn what they need to do by watching you.

Another good idea is to create a family plan of action if you plan on staying at home. Have a list of everyone’s name, home address, phone number, cell phone and email address. If you have wireless internet at your home, check it regularly for alerts and messages from loved ones. Emergency numbers should also be stored in a safe place.

One of the most important survival tips for disaster preparedness is that you should never forget personal items like your cell phone, wallet, money, prescription medicines and blankets. All of these items should be stored in a secure place that you should know about and know how to find in case of an emergency. Do not rely on your local newspaper for emergency information. Most newspapers publish regular articles that tell the latest happenings, but remember, these are usually written by people who live nearby. It may be better to subscribe to a daily newspaper.

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