Many students find that they have little to no experience in surviving a hurricane or other natural disaster. This is why it is so important that they learn all about first-year survival tips before entering their freshman year at college. There are a number of ways that this can be accomplished, and there is plenty of prep-canned food available in most residence halls to provide for these needs as well. The first step to surviving is being prepared. After that, everything else will fall into place. Here are some quick first-year survival tips for students living on campus.

There is a fire extinguisher on the second floor of the library in most college lecture buildings. Students should make sure they have one, even if they think that they might not ever need it. A fire extinguisher is considered an important first-year survival tip for students living on campus because it can be used to smother small fires that break out in small apartments, dorms, or clumps of student housing.

There should be at least two Buzzcards in every residence hall. These cards should be easily accessible from the kitchen, dining options, and any other places that you pass while walking around campus. A buzzard is a student card with magnetic strips that is used to gain access to certain facilities on campus. There should also be at least two other cards that are used in conjunction with the Buzzcard. These cards should offer names of all athletic programs, clubs, and groups that students can become a part of.

A key piece of First-Year Survival Tips is to always bring a copy of your admittance test with you to the library or other important location. You will want to review your admittance test before going to a formal recruitment event. Even if you already know the information about a program that has been invited to your campus, you will want to review the test so that you can get a better understanding of what needs to be completed for admission. If your test reveals information about prerequisite courses, it is important to review these as well.

Students that have attended an earlier university will often feel more comfortable approaching upperclassmen in a campus environment that is familiar to them. There are many examples of where this has worked in the past, including in the University of Oregon, where incoming freshman were able to work together with upperclassmen and make new friends. This is also a good first-year survival tip for students living on campus, especially for those that have not made relationships with other students.

The University of Michigan boasts a large freshman class, which means there is high demand for food in residence halls. It is a good idea to stock up on foods such as pizza, bagels, peanut butter, and hot dogs. Freshman students may even be able to get discounts on food if they are able to show their university ID card upon entering the building. In the students’ studies, students should be encouraged to become socially active and to participate in campus organizations.

Most residences halls are located close to dining areas, so it is best for students to be able to access these locations easily while living on campus. Students that are assigned common rooms should not share these rooms with other students; instead, they should try to get into these rooms as early as possible or wait until their first-year course is complete. Some students are uncertain how to approach getting to these locations, but the best way to get where you need to go is to plan ahead and to focus on one activity or set of tasks at a time.

University can be difficult for students from lower economic status backgrounds. Financial aid can help overcome some of the financial obstacles, which is why financial saving tips are often given during orientation sessions that are hosted by the university. First-year students should try to save any money they have, because this will make them feel better about themselves and it will also improve their chances for survival during the course of their studies. Most importantly, however, students should always carry a bag that has everything they will need for surviving in case of an emergency.

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