Survival tips for first time cottage guests can be simple and straightforward. However, they are not so simple to accomplish, either. There are things that a person needs to do and consider before leaving their residence. When they get into the cottage, they will have to take some survival skills with them to make sure they can stay alive.

The first thing to do is to make sure that everything is as comfortable as it can be in the location. If the place is cold and wet where they would be staying, they would probably freeze, which would make them very uncomfortable. Most likely, they would have to leave if they did not feel like being soaked. A blanket or a poncho would be a good idea to make sure they would stay warm.

Some other Survival tips for first time campers would include making sure there are enough food and water supplies. They might not have the best cooking tools, but they would at least be able to boil water or make soup. The pots and pans should also be adequate. At the same time, they could try to boil some water to get some of the lethargic feeling from being in the cold.

When they get thirsty, they would need to get something to drink. There are some cottages that would allow them to bring along a nice water bottle. However, there are others that would need to bring something that was safe to drink. It would depend on the weather and the time of day. At night, they could drink from a creek that they could find in the forest.

In terms of shelter, they should have something that they could set up and make as their own. If the weather permits, they could put up a table and make a fire. They could also collect wood and build another table if it would be nice. They would probably sleep out in the open if at all possible since the nights can get quite cold. However, there are cottages that would offer them a sleeping area and there are times when the stars can shine just right.

When they are getting their first supplies, they might need to stock up on some of the basics. As mentioned earlier, it is a good idea to know a few survival basics like a compass and an LED flashlight. As they go about their first camping trip, they should have a good map and some form of a signal mirror. As they walk through the woods, they would need to be well-informed about what they are seeing. At the very least, they should know the direction they should be heading. If they do not have a guide, they could at least use the stars to navigate.

When they first set out on their adventure, they would be able to discover many things about nature that they might not have seen before. For one, they would be able to see wildlife up close. This could include deer, birds, and even squirrels. Some of the plants that they would most likely come across include honeysuckle, wildflowers, rhododendrons, alpine sago palms, buckeye, and Columbine ferns.

As they make their way through the woods, they would need to consider their food supply. Since they are just starting out, this might be one of the more important survival tips for first time cottage owners. First off, they need to have some food storage to keep all the food items organized. Second, they may want to consider carrying along a first aid kit. Having these items would keep them from having to run off and fetch a blanket from their tent to tend to their burns.

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