Here we have the Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Zombies guide to surviving in combat and dealing out damage without getting shot. There are certain points you should know if you want to finish the game as fast as possible without dying or running out of ammo. If you’re going to get shot, you’ll at least appreciate the tips given below.

The first tip is to stay quiet. When you first see a group of zombies walking towards you, stick to the walls and hide behind them. When they get close, turn around and run away. They’ll be a lot slower moving when they get close to you, and that will give you more time to figure out a way to fight back without getting shot from behind. Also make sure you get a lot of ammo before heading for the zombies.

The second tip is to conserve your ammo. You will notice that the zombies here are much slower, but they’re also a lot more dangerous. Take note of where the zombies are at all times; don’t just go by what the guide says. Try and find where they are going to be most likely to attack. If you go through this part fast enough, you can pretty much get by on just your pistol. Get an extra pistol too if you feel like you need it.

There are a lot of trees in this game, so try not to get shot while you’re looking for something. Pick up a lot of items as well, since you may occasionally need to use them to defend yourself. Get as many masks as you can because they will protect you from being seen and will keep you a lot healthier than most people.

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Try to stay calm. The zombies can be a lot more dangerous when you get angry or upset. This is especially true if you get really mad and want to fight back. Stay calm, but take note of any signs that you may encounter while you are trying to stay cool and keep away from danger.

One of the first things that you can do is clear out any rooms that you think might be occupied. Try and take out all the zombies in the area so that you can move around more freely. The area is large, so use your sniper to take out some of the slow moving ones first. Take cover behind trees, buildings, or other coverable objects. It’s much safer to be out in the open rather than staying inside a dark, quiet area.

Avoid picking up all the guns you see as there are a lot of them in this game. There are two different stages in Call of Duty: Black Ops, the first is called’Contracts’ and the second is called ‘Blackout’. The Contracts stage has a lot of advanced weaponry like the mini-gun, the scope, and the frag grenades. The Blackout stage only has the pistol, and you have limited amounts of ammunition. Keep an eye on the meter, because you are not allowed to shoot until it fills up (which isn’t always easy to do).

These are just a few survival tips for Call of Duty: Black Ops. The zombies in the game aren’t all that different from each other. You can usually beat them with a few rounds of ammo, unless they all die at the same time. If you really want to make them go away faster, get a chainsaw and cut through them. Some of them are even blind, so you might have to get another weapon to finish them off. Other than that, you’ll be just fine.

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