“Survival Tips by Planetsang” is a podcast on which listeners can leave their name and email address and get immediate survival tips sent to them. The podcast is updated every Tuesday, Thursdays and Fridays. In addition to providing survival tips, the podcast discusses issues that could cause disaster and sends readers to another site where they can subscribe to another article about that topic. The podcasts are available for free through Planet Survival, a website created by Planetsang that offers information on natural disaster preparation.

As indicated by the name of the podcast, “Survival Tips by Planetsang” is a survival-oriented podcast. It was created by listeners who were preparing for a two week camping trip in upstate New York. One of the reasons why the podcasters felt compelled to create a podcast is because they felt very connected to the issue of preparedness. They felt that not being prepared was not only unsafe but also putting their families in danger. Therefore, the podcast offers tips on how to be prepared as well as emergency preparedness.

The podcast also tackles issues such as how to get a first aid kit ready before leaving on a long trip, items needed for camping, and other supplies needed. If you listen to the podcast, it would be easy to get the impression that you can also survive in the wilderness. The survival guides explain that basic survival skills can be followed to a tee. Also, you would not need a large quantity of equipment or skills in order to carry an emergency kit that you can use for three to four days.

The podcasters also stress the importance of having an emergency kit that contains all essential survival tools and items. This may include a whistle, compass, a poncho, a blanket, and duct tape. Other tools that are suggested by the Survival Tips by Planetsang include drinking water, batteries, flashlights, fuel, matches, toilet paper, food bars, toiletries, and a blanket. The survivalists also suggest having an extra camera and binoculars for capturing pictures and videos.

Another thing that the Survival Tips by Planetsang recommends is being prepared before going for a hike. It is also recommended to pack water and food for at least two days. For safety and survival, it is recommended to avoid wearing jeans, T-shirts, shirts, or flip-flops when hiking. Another tip is to check if the clothes you are packing are suitable for the weather conditions such as cold, heat, or rain. Furthermore, it may be a good idea to bring additional clothes and shoes in case the weather is very extreme.

When preparing for an emergency, it is important that you have the right supplies at hand. Therefore, another survival tip that the group of hikers provides on the podcast is to be prepared for any eventuality. It may also be a good idea to have emergency food such as survival food such as dried soup and canned goods. In addition to that, it is also good to keep some medicines in your emergency kit. This can include vitamins, anti-permanent pain reliever, anti-anxiety pills, and cough and cold tablets.

When in an emergency, the first priority is to stay calm and focus on getting help. Planetsang makes use of a survival crisis situation exercise to make the hiking experience more interesting. In this exercise, you have to locate a specific location and pretend to be lost. The other participants all act as if they have a few items and a solution such as a compass and a map.

The hiking experience turns out to be more fun when you have a companion to support you. In this survival guide, Planetsang presents details on finding a partner in crime. However, if you want to go on a solo mission, it may be best to go with another friend who can help you out in times of crisis. There are actually many other ways to survive in the event of a crisis. You can make use of a radio to contact rescuers or you can hang onto a light and signal for help. The choice is yours.

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