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You could call it a survival bicycle. A bicycle that can be a valuable tool in a disaster when conventional means of transportation are difficult or impossible.

The only fuel you need to carry your wheels is your own muscle power and calories.

Bicycling is clearly faster than walking. They are suitable for general transportation, commuting or other routine use at regular intervals. And exercise is great too!

But they can become particularly useful when road transportation is no longer possible. In this case, it’s a survival bike.

The best survival bike – Foldable?

There is nothing more practical than a folding bike. Of course, it’s easier to take it with you. By car, truck, camper, caravan….

>> Amtrak file

Use for bicycle survival

  • Carrying loads (bike trailers or saddle bags are helpful)
  • Transport yourself (faster than walking!)
  • Emergency bike “home” (folding bike in the trunk?)
  • Security patrol (rather quiet vehicle)
  • Physical activity (health and fun)

Some comments from our readers:

“A suitcase organizer is a must for anyone who works from home. Primarily for use during sudden and profound events, such as an EMP or earthquake, which give little warning. The bike can be used only to get home”.

“A good multi-purpose bike is called a hybrid. It will be equipped with a mountain bike with a road bike frame. The wheels are the same diameter as those of a road bike, but the tires are wider, like those of a mountain bike. The handlebars provide an upright seating position, just like on a mountain bike.

The “wheels” are the first point of failure. A survival bike should be as strong as possible with conventional components, such as 36 spokes. Accept no less and do not count on modern wheels with few spokes”.

“Bicycle trailers are indispensable for a life dependent on bicycles. The sturdy steel rear axle makes assembly easy. One-wheel trailers are more resistant to rough terrain. Two-wheeled trailers are more load-bearing”.

“Stick to the gears, take it with tires that are a combination of road and mud.”

Survival Bicycle and Trailer

Some time ago a reader sent this photo of his survival bike (he was building a trailer). It has a 14-speed hub with an internal Rohloff gear and pulls a 600-pound load at 10 mph on flat ground

What is the best bike to survive on?

To decide which bike is best for survival, there are certain criteria to consider that may influence your decision.

The following is a list of features, considerations and questions to consider. Some of these may or may not meet your own needs or situation.

List of considerations for the survival of the bicycle

(Random list of thoughts on the topic)

Silent gear – No rattling when freewheeling (stealth)?

Off-Road vs.

Total weight (light, medium or heavy).

Materials (aluminum, steel, titanium, carbon fiber).

Mountain bike?

A hybrid bike?

Will it fit in your car or in your trunk?

A snapshot?

Image size.

Possibility to connect a bicycle trailer.

Planned or maximum load

The design or practical ability to tie down certain devices or carry heavy objects.

Ability to tow a small service trailer designed for bicycles.

How many speeds?

Brand quality features (gearbox, brakes, etc. ).

Complexity of parts and availability of spare parts.

Thickness of the frame (also taking into account the weight).

The reputation and reliability of the brand.

Is color important? (Invisibility?)

The right image size for your height and weight.


Type of tire.

Type of wheel.

The more special or unique the piece is, the less you will find after the case.

The most common brands and parts?

Accessories (luggage racks, bags, baskets, saddlebags).

The weak point of bikes is the wheels. Solid wheels will be better.

Caution: the rims and frames of “road bikes” are not designed for intensive use.

Price? (with respect to quality)

I am not an expert on bicycles, but I think it is important to have a bicycle because it is practical and useful.

If I were thinking about which bike to buy as a survival bike, I would consider this statement: mountain bikes are generally rugged and take you where road bikes don’t.

I drool over Private Montague as a survival bike.

Montague Paratrooper Folding Survival Bicycle

>> Montague Folding Bike from ReadyMadeResources.

If you plan to have a “just in case” on your bike, keep this in mind:

– You need to know all the exits from your neighborhood in all directions.

– What is the relief of your region?

– Can you pedal with your BOB on your back?

– Are you strong enough to pedal with a small cart behind you and your BOB on your back?

– What if it snows?

– Want to pedal in broad daylight?

– Or the darkest night?

– The bikes are very quiet if you have a ….locking mechanism If you don’t have one ….and you take the bench – you will hear the clicking of the bearings in the cassette …..

Something to think about if you want to be discreet. ….

– If you have to jump and push the bike ….up the hill, it also clicks. Remember this when you are in stealth mode.

– If we have no power for reasons like EMP, there will be no planes flying and no cars driving….it is quiet.

# From an MSB disk #

I’m curious what you think of the survival bike.

(This article has been updated to reflect additional contributions and opinions).

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