Sunday Firesides: Your Awkward Moment is Going, Going . . . Gone

The wonderful world of the Maine outdoors is full of things to see, do and experience. Many people come here in search for a fix from their 9-to-5 routine or they want an escape from the pressures that modern life can bring. Whether you’re looking for peace, adventure or something new on your bucket list, these firesides will give you all three as we tell tales about our favorite stories and moments that happened when nature took over.
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Your Awkward Moment is Going, Going . . . Gone by Sunday Firesides.

When we disgrace ourselves in front of others, why does it hurt so much?

Anthropologists believe it’s a holdover from our ancestors’ fear of being cast out of the tribe’s security net.

Maybe, but it’s also probable because it’s a bit frightening to know that a picture of ourselves – at our most dumb and unattractive — is inside someone else’s brain and out of our control. It’s as if a piece of ourselves is on loan to someone else, who may do anything they want with it (including, we fear, laugh).

Fortunately, this is not a long-term loan. In reality, the picture of us that a stranger has in their brain will begin to fade within hours, if not minutes.

Consider your own experience: no matter how odd-looking someone is, or how embarrassing their conduct is, or how certain you are that you will never forget their face, you will.

Even after witnessing a heinous incident, bystanders often fail to identify the perpetrator from a line-up! So they’re unlikely to recall the face of a man who had a frog stuck in his neck while attempting to strike up a conversation.

When it comes to hesitating to attempt new things because you’re afraid of making a fool of yourself, this is crucial knowledge. When you realize that a humiliating circumstance is like a soon-to-be-shaken foundation, it’s simpler to carpe diem. Etch-a-Sketch.

“Life is too short to go through life terrified of life,” we say around here. It’s not a very poetic expression, but the message is clear: you have nothing to lose by putting yourself out there, since life has an expiry date, and thankfully, so does the memory of your mistakes!