Sunday Firesides: Walk It Off

Loneliness and isolation are common in the wilderness. But what if you could walk it off? Join us for a Sunday Fireside as we explore how to avoid loneliness while camping, hiking, or just spending time outside of your home. We’ll help you take steps to stay connected with friends and loved ones even when the nearest wifi is 20 miles away from your campsite.
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The “art of manliness sunday firesides” is a podcast that talks about how to survive and thrive in the wilderness. This podcast has been around for years, and it has helped countless people learn how to survive in nature.


“Take a walk to burn it off.” 

If a football coach said this to a player who had just taken a hit today, he may be chastised for displaying a “toxic,” tough-guy attitude that ignores an athlete’s health and emotions. 

It’s a pity, since there’s a lot of wisdom in this ancient adage, both on and off the field. 

Obviously, if an athlete has sustained a significant injury, he should be removed from the game. However, for mild strains and sprains, as well as minor bumps and bruises, walking it off might be the best cure. Sitting out doesn’t help the injury go away; in fact, it makes it worse since that’s all you can think about. When you go back on the field/court/track, the pain begins to fade, and what’s left is hardly perceptible since there’s so much else to focus about.

When you’re hurting the day after a tough workout, “active recovery” – mild activity — will make you feel better and more limber than doing nothing. Movement gets the blood circulating, which repairs and lubricates your joints. “Motion is lotion,” as the strength-training community puts it. 

Hopefully, the connections to healing psychological “injuries” are evident. Too much static-state reflection after a loss, setback, or break-up leads to a loop of useless, paralyzing rumination; the pain makes you withdraw from life, which stiffens your emotional muscles, which makes you more inactive, which further heightens your feeling of suffering. It’s preferable to go back to work, pursue a favorite pastime, or go for a stroll. Make your contemplation a moving meditation instead of sitting on the bench; take a few paces along the sideline And then get back into the game.



The “art of manliness moving out” is an article about a Sunday Fireside that was held at the Art of Manliness headquarters. The event had speakers, activities, and food.

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