Sunday Firesides: There Are No Second Chances

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Any delayed act of potential bravery, whether it’s an embarrassing date, a failed job interview, an abortive effort to meet a mentor, or an abandoned desire to share a strong conviction with a buddy, comes with the invariable cognitive salve:

“Next time, I’ll do it.”

You will not be given a second opportunity, no matter how embarrassment-reducing, self-incrimination-resolving, or dissonance-soothing your reasoning is.

There aren’t any.

At best, you’ll receive another shot that’s extremely similar to the first, but under different (usually less favorable) circumstances; it won’t be a second opportunity at the same opening, but rather the first chance at a new one.

A lot of the time, you don’t even understand this. Opportunity only comes along once, and no amount of yelling will bring it back. New doors to new possibilities open for a short moment and then shut just as fast.

We are obsessed with the concept of second chances because it enables us to live more sloppily – to be complacent when we should be prepared; thick when we should be discriminating. When we believe that whatever we do can be undone, we might be irresponsible with our actions. When we persuade ourselves that the one who got away can always be brought in, we may avoid regret.

By accepting second chances, we may let go of the weight of the present moment, the burden of knowing that each of life’s turning points might be significant, that each could flip a switch on the railroad lines of life, sending you or someone else on a completely different trip.

But braver souls, those who can bear the weight of realizing that every moment matters, not only put themselves in a position to hear opportunity’s inevitably faint rapping, but also experience life as more poetic, more alive, more meaningful, more as it truly is — shot through with wondrous, potentially life-changing possibilities that are going… going… going… gone.



The “stages of a man’s life” are the stages that every man goes through in his lifetime. It is not always easy to get back on track after falling off, but there are no second chances.

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