Sunday Firesides: The One You Feed

In this journey to a new world, you must feed your character in order to survive. If they die of hunger, food is scarce and the game ends with that life lost. But what’s interesting about Hunger Games-inspired games like Survivor: The Game is not just their similarity but also how different they are from one another

The “the one you feed quote” is a line from the book and movie of the same name. It’s about how humans are always trying to control nature, but nature will always have its way in the end.

The One You Feed by Sunday Firesides.

You may have heard the Cherokee legend about a grandpa telling his grandson about a struggle between two wolves that takes place inside him. One of the wolves is good, while the other is bad. “Which wolf will win?” the young man inquires, to which his wise instructor responds, “the one you feed.”

It’s a fantastic little fable, and a lens that may be used in a variety of ways.

A struggle between two separate players is playing out in your mind: a rat and a human. These are the lower, instinctual, primitive regions of the brain that we share with reptiles and rodents, as well as the higher, more complicated sections that are unique to humans.

Our instincts and cravings aren’t all terrible; they guide us toward the resources we need to live, flourish, and breed. However, the rat’s gluttony may lead to the emaciation of what makes people human.

I viscerally feel dumber when I check my phone out of what can only be described as a Pavlovian response; look at social media comments where people communicate through memes and gifs; browse a reddit “discussion” where the replies are completely predictable; peruse a website populated by clickbait; or use any digital platform that has been engineered to activate the rodent-like parts of my brain. I’m aware of my animal nature. I feel like a caged rat being forced to press a lever in order to acquire more food pellets. The more you pull on the lever, the more your eyes seem to get beadier.

I, on the other hand, feel like a man when I read a good book, ponder a philosophical subject, listen to excellent music, consider great art, participate in a concentrated discussion, or experience complex emotions.

Who will emerge victorious in the fight between the rat and the person within? The one you provide food to.



The “the one you feed bracelet” is a new bracelet that helps you keep track of your daily food intake. It has an app that allows users to log their food and receive feedback on how much they are eating.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the one you feed mean?

A: The meaning of feeding is pretty much what the word implies. It means to provide food or other nourishment for an animal, typically with a spoon or hand.

Which one grows the one you feed?

A: The one you feed

Which wolf survives the one you feed?

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