Sunday Firesides: Love Endures

A new game in development at Funcom will explore the depths of human relationships where love and trust are hard-fought commodities. Surviving is a constant battle, with no guarantees for either players or NPCs alike.

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When someone suffers a catastrophe — a major accident, an untimely death — friends and family rush to help. Visitors are crowding emergency room lobbies; hospital rooms are brimming with flowers; mailboxes are crammed with condolence cards; and doorsteps are heavy with food. 

During this time, it’s difficult for loved ones not to think about the victim and their family. The danger triggers the release of adrenaline, which increases attentiveness. The dopamine released by the novelty of the experience causes exhilaration, which may sound ugly. Such substances cause bystanders to become hyper-focused. 

This reflexive attentiveness, however, will fade over the following several weeks. It’s difficult to remember that the life of the bereaved stays riven off its axis while people’s lives continue to revolve as they always have — school, work, the unending go-rounds of regular routine.

The flowers are starting to droop. Rooms, mailboxes, and doorsteps are all deserted. 

Ironically, although the amount of care given to the suffering decreases with time, his demand for it increases. Once the rush of practicalities associated with coping with a loss has subsided, and the anesthetic effects of sadness have worn off, he must confront the full extent of his new circumstances. Though his desire for company and compassion has never been greater, it has also never been more in supply.

It’s fantastic to be able to deploy and surround the injured as soon as a catastrophe occurs. But it’s much better to keep in touch with them in the coming months and years. 

Love does not elicit a visceral fight-or-flight reaction. The type of love that distinguishes us as humans extends well beyond that. 

External cues aren’t required for love to act. 

Love understands that how one’s own life is going isn’t always indicative of how another’s is doing.

Love has the ability to recall. 

Love is eternal.



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