Sunday Firesides: Live Life Drunk

What makes some people feel alive? What really is the key to happiness and peace of mind, something most people don’t understand or can find in this world where we are constantly pulled into social media timelines? This Sunday Fireside will explore what it means for us as individuals to live life drunk.

There is nothing quite like being part of a community. Whether it be your hobbies, team sports or even simply hanging out with friends on the weekend, communities are where we find shared interests and passions as well as connections to people in our lives who will always have our back. However some communities can cause harm if they go too far; this is where Sunday Firesides comes into play.

The “how to get drunk on life” is a quote from the book, “Sunday Firesides: Live Life Drunk.” The quote talks about how people should live their lives without regrets.

Live life drunk by Sunday Firesides.

There is evidence of alcohol manufacture dating back more than 11,000 years.

Before they created metal, agriculture, or the wheel, humans invented liquor.

This reflects a universal truth that has been true since antiquity: life is difficult. So much so that we’ve always felt an urgent desire for anything to help us relax.

Rather of running from this fact, rejecting it, and then filling it with guilt, we should accept it totally. In fact, we should try to spend as much time as possible inebriated.

Not on alcohol, since chronic inebriation causes a slew of issues that don’t need to be discussed.

But on the many other aspects of life that provide a stimulating, emotion-inducing, inhibition-reducing, confidence-inspiring buzz while also leaving us healthier, happier, and better equipped to cope with the existential stresses of the era.  

An absorbing, laughter-filled discussion; fresh and experienced romantic love; and music that is both transportive and sublime are all intoxicating. The rush of reawakening one’s body from its sedentary sleep and putting it through the heart-pounding, lung-filling paces is a powerful high. The sensation of having a purpose, of knowing who you are and where you’re heading, is energizing.

The issue is not whether individuals can cope with the oppressively weighty but excruciatingly empty weight of unmediated reality, but what they will pick as their sanity-preserving buffer; not if you should become drunk, but from what.

So become totally sotted on friendship and love, art and beauty, exercise and activity on a daily basis; because he who can withstand life’s most terrible burdens is he who gets thoroughly inebriated on its most exhilarating delights.



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