Sunday Firesides: I Have Kids

My son is a huge fan of survival games. They are the only game genre he wants to play. But, I can’t get him off them- and it’s causing some fallout in our house! Let’s talk about how we’re coping with the popularity of these types of games and what might be done to keep my sanity intact while keeping my son happy- because they are indeed fun

The “are you prepared for the coming existential crisis” is a question that many parents are asking themselves. There is a lot of anxiety and fear in the air, but there are also ways to prepare.

Printer with paper on tray.

Whenever I go to print anything at home, the next sound I hear is almost always beep-beep-beep.

It’s the sound of a print job failing to complete because the printer’s paper drawer was left open.

No matter how many times I tell our kids that if they want to use printer paper for coloring, they must shut the drawer after they’re through, they still don’t follow these simple directions.

This truth used to irritate me to no end.

Then one day, for no apparent reason, I suddenly viewed the open printer drawer as indisputable proof of a simple fact: I had children.   

I have children, and children often bring with them certain annoyances. They are, however, precisely what I want in my life and a source of indescribable delight. Because I have this luxury, I must also accept its drawbacks.

We often believe that we may have all of life’s benefits without any of its drawbacks: pleasure without troubles, enjoyment without conflict. Nonetheless, every privilege is intimately linked to some level of duty, as well as some level of inconvenient.

It’s a bummer to find your wife’s dirty dishes on the counter for the hundredth time… but gosh, how fortunate you are to have a wife. The drive to work is a pain, but it’s great that you have a job. Preparing for a major vacation is a pain… but how thrilling that you’ll be going someplace intriguing.

Remember the privilege it’s related to the next time you hear a sequence of actual or metaphorical beeps, a reminder of some vexing annoyance. “Oh, hey, I’m a parent.” Cool.”



The “most kids by one woman” is a term used to describe the number of children that are born to one woman. This term is often used when talking about how many children women have in general.

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