Sunday Firesides: Finding the Way

In a world where everything is unknown, it’s hard to know what the future holds. We’re here today to try and find some clues on how things might work out for humanity in the long run as well as our individual futures.

The “die red” is a phrase that means to die. It’s used in the context of dying with honor in battle. This fireside will talk about how this concept can be applied to finding your way through life.


Tao signifies “the Way” in East Asian religious and philosophical traditions, and it embodies the universe’s basic order. To live wisely and well, one must follow the unidentified but perceptible rules and patterns of life. Truth, the Absolute, as well as the route to Truth, is the Way.

These traditions aren’t the only ones that use the term “Way.”

Stoicism aims to bring one’s will into harmony with nature.

The early followers of Jesus were known as “followers of the Way,” not Christians.

Since the dawn of time, all people have been attempting to traverse the unchangeable principles that govern life, although often unintentionally. But where do they come from?

Some will advise you to seek guidance from the Bible. However, this just raises the issue of which religious literature to believe.

An experiential inquiry precedes an appeal to authority in order to uncover the Way.

All acts have inescapable consequences, according to the Universal Order. Whether you break the Way or defend it, there will be repercussions.

Some deeds provide happiness, clarity, and light; others bring emptiness, darkness, and humiliation.

There are things you do that destroy your relationships, distort your perspective, and slow your growth, no matter how loudly and furiously you defend and excuse them as beneficial. There are things you do that everyone else seems to do and accepts as completely okay, yet that nonetheless make you despise yourself in quiet times alone.

Then there are things that none of your friends or family members represent or celebrate, that no commercials or media channels promote, that make you feel respectable, radiant, and on the right track.

Within your heart of hearts is a compass, a strong magnet that attracts and repels.

Attune yourself to its bearings via silence, humility, and a dedication to crowd-silent self-reliance. They will, without a doubt, lead you to the Way.



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