Sunday Firesides: Die Red

In this game, you get to play a survivor of an unknown virus. You must survive by exploring the island and gathering resources while avoiding the infected zombies who hunt relentlessly for human flesh.

The “aom” is a popular mod for the game Red. It’s a mod that adds in new weapons and items, as well as new enemies. You can find it on the Steam Workshop.


“The ordinary man is born red and dies gray,” Emerson observed.

He meant that when a newborn is born and inhales his first breaths of terrestrial air, the child’s skin becomes reddish, flushed with the energy and vibrancy of new life.

This crimson sap, on the other hand, steadily drains away when the bloom of youth has faded. 

Big issues to consider — Who am I, exactly? What am I going to do? What is the definition of truth? Please make way for the children: Have I paid that bill? Would that sweater make me appear smart? Should I switch to a different toothpaste?

The invention of new tales devolves into the recounting of old; the nutrition of spirit shifts from anticipating what’s-to-come to feeding off the recollections of what’s-already-been.  

Horizons are shrinking. Wide-ranging possibilities are reduced to narrow definitions.

Most tragically, according to Emerson, self-trust — “the core of heroism” — has been lost. The endeavor to establish “an original link to the cosmos” fades as the life force fades. In comes the brackish water of corporate-colored ideals, media-induced wants, and advertisement-driven goals, until a man’s own ideas are completely superseded by those of a cable news station in the last, most pale, and apparently inevitable stage of the life cycle.

This path, as prevalent as it may be, is luckily not unavoidable. There are still individuals who continue to knock and inquire, explore and seek — who defy inertia and live each day, year, and decade with all of their soul’s force. 

These few, these joyous, rebellious, nonconforming few, defy the figurative hardening of the heart’s arteries, in the face of the usual halt of circulation, perform the virtually unthinkable: are born red, and… die red.



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