Sunday Firesides: Blessed Are the Restless

In this fireside, we explore the question of how to live a life dedicated to rest. We discuss methods for shortening your day, finding peace in quiet time and staying present while you’re asleep–as well as what it means when God says “rest.”

The “art of manliness sunday firesides” is a podcast where the hosts discuss topics such as masculinity, self-improvement, and how to live a good life.

man looking out over mountain valley filled with fog.

The view of green hills in the distance would fill a young C.S. Lewis with pains of longing as he gazed out the windows of his nursery. 

Nature, as well as interactions with literature, music, art, and friendship, would continue to ignite these unquenchable longings throughout his life. He saw echoes of a yet-to-be-realized Paradise in these “tantalizing glances, premises never completely fulfilled.” 

“We don’t want to only see beauty,” he remarked, expressing his dissatisfaction with these suggestions. “We desire something more, something that is difficult to express – we want to be joined with the beauty we witness, to pass into it, to accept it into ourselves.”

Despite the fact that Lewis’ longings were bittersweet, defined by both enlightenment and incompletion, he regarded them as the essence of pleasure.

The difference between your present self and your “true self,” which lies “an infinite height above you — at least, above what you ordinarily assume to be yourself,” according to Friedrich Nietzsche. 

Realizing how far one was from becoming a risk-taking, energy-draining, struggle-loving “Ubermensch” — a Superman — was unsettling for him, but it was much better to life as a “Last Man,” satiated on prosaic pleasures and herd-generated ideals.

Restlessness is no longer seen as a benefit, much less a delight, but as a disease that may be treated, therapized, or alleviated by taking another vacation. However, thinkers as diverse as Nietzsche and Lewis acknowledged that restlessness is a pointer to be followed rather than a problem to be addressed. It was a catalyst for both of them to seek out more — for the beauty, power, and possibility that exist beyond the commonplace.

Restlessness rescues us from the soul-crushing idea that limited cuisine can ever satisfy limitless longings. Rather from being a vexing affliction, it is a life-giving gift.



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