Sunday Firesides: Become an Evangelist . . . for Faith in Humanity

If you have some time on Sundays and a few friends, try hosting a Sunday Fireside. This is an informal gathering that is held in your home to listen to one another share their stories of faith with the hope of inspiring others.

An evangelist is someone who spreads the word of God, or a person who believes in the good of humanity and strives to spread that message.


Perhaps you’re a religious person. Perhaps you aren’t. 

In any case, you should think about accepting a specific commission: becoming an evangelist… for humanity’s religion. 

It is a religion that is taught by actions rather than words.

When you’re a restaurant client, you don’t shout at your waiter when your meal is late; instead, you say, “Hey, no worries, I see you’re short-staffed.” “I’m sorry for the delay; I’ve comped your dessert,” you say every time as a restaurant manager.

Even if you don’t have to, you should always give your supervisor two weeks notice before resigning. As a supervisor, you should always offer your employees the type of gratitude that makes it difficult for them to leave.

Every time you don’t reject someone’s alternative viewpoint outright as a listener; every time you admit, “Actually, I was wrong about that,” as a speaker.

Every time you do the right thing, even if the other person doesn’t, just because it’s the right thing to do, you’re sowing the seeds of faith.

These seeds may land on stony ground, go unnoticed, and fail to germinate.

However, they often yield a crucially needed fruit, one that boosts people’s hope for the future, strengthens their will to continue on this sometimes stressful journey, and soothes a recurring desire to be evacuated off what might seem to be such a stupid, dumb earth.

The term “evangelist” derives from the Greek word “evangelistos,” which means “bearer of good news.” Would that we’d all take up this mission, to work to restore faith in the existence of honest people — to spread the news that there is yet hope for us.