Sunday Firesides: Be Not a Consumer of Life

The most important thing is to take control of your life and not be a consumer. Take ownership for what you want in the world, what makes you happy, and why are you here? It’s time we start realizing that our truest happiness lies within us and no one else!


The urge to obtain material items is often related with consumerism. But, from its inception at the start of the twentieth century, its ethos has gradually, and sometimes unconsciously, infiltrated many parts of existence.

Any person may rank anything, including pot holders and parks, restaurants and novels, surgeons and academics. Churches poll their congregations to see how happy they are with their services, while universities poll their students to see how happy they are with their education. Those seeking for a love relationship may peruse possible prospects on dating apps as readily as they can browse the products on shop shelves.

Though each person wears numerous hats — spouse, parent, friend, scholar, employee, parishioner – the current meta identity: client colors each of these positions. As a client, we believe we are entitled to a variety of choices, at least one of which must precisely match our preferences. We’re just loyal as customers until we get the option to upgrade. We’re always correct as a consumer.

The issue, of course, is that we, as humans, are often mistaken. This is completely incorrect.

We browse around for products that meet us where we are when we approach life as a consumer. Alternatively, we might demand that the current alternatives change to better fit our needs.

However, certain things of life have inherent worth that is independent of our own choices. It’s not the object that has to conform to our wishes; it’s our desires that have to conform to it.

We may feel compelled to give someone/philosophy/community/experience a one-star rating when anything challenges, disorients, or discomforts us. Although it may not be something you desire as a consumer, it may be precisely what you want as a human person.